Sunday, January 11, 2009

Love's Sweet Offering

The altered vanilla box idea came from these vintage Victorian graphics, which are copyright free. Large boxes, such as those that held donuts or cakes, could be used to make something beautiful like this, but the tiny box here took just a fraction of time and a small scrap of paper.

The box was sealed at both ends with glue, then cut to open a different way, and covered in a piece of leftover scrap of paper. A piece of grograin ribbon was glued on. I used inexpensive white school glue for this project. Clothes pins help secure the papers in corners and other areas while they dry.

The inside of the box was lined with construction paper.

I added a small round doily and filled the box with metallic confetti, but it could be filled with just about anything, including a bar of hand made soap, hand made votive size candles, a collection of gift tags, or something nice to eat.

Without love, the Bible says, we are just noisy and empty - Ist Corinthians 13:1-3. I think there is a great lesson in those three verses, particularly in regard to women who feel that they are giving up their intellectual side, or somehow denying their drive to achieve, by becoming full time wives, or mothers or homemakers.
The one thing that all the intellectualism, through books, studying, lectures, and so forth, leaves out, is love. When love is the motivation in the home, knowledge is put to good use:- being thankful for a dwelling place here on this earth, we use our knowledge to keep it useful and clean enough. Cleaning house become an important way to show courtesy to others, but we also have to know when to attend to urgent needs of people in the family.
Knowledge is important, but without love, it does not have as much value. The woman at home has on-the-job-training, which actually increases her knowledge in areas that are aquired in any institution but the home. Love, knowledge, wisdom and understanding, must work together in the home. That takes good judgement and diligence, qualities that are not often developed outside the home. Home living provides so much more than the world can give. We can be satisfied physically by having a place to live and food to eat, but the homemaker adds love to it all.


Deirdra Doan said...

Oh how dear...and almost free! Very very sweet.

Yes the Mantel is wonderful with the little Ladys on it. The one oval print is from 1790's and she is so beautiful. Then the lights give a wonderful glow in these dark nights.

You can get Christmas lights 50 to 75 percent off at hardware stores, like Ace or True value or maybe Lowes even Michael's crafts. Call around and see who has any colored and white twinkle lights left. You can even use the kind that are icele like. Mine said red on the package but when I had them plug the lights in at the store they were hot pink!!! I thanked the Lord because it was my hearts desire and Kmart and Fred Meyer didn't have any pink in my town.

S. Belle said...

I have become really inspired by a few women that I know in my church, and my mother, grandmother, and mother-in-law. They just seem so efficient, they seem to know just what to say or do in any given situation. They are always ready to extend a helping hand and I really admire the confident and assured way that they go about attending to tasks.

I realized today that it comes from being a good homemaker. The ability to maintain an organized home, cook good meals daily, tend to your children and husband, and still look feminine and fabulous takes special skills. And, I watch these women in the church, and people like my mother, mother-in-law, and grandmother, and I want what they have.

Having a college degree and a successful career didn't give me that. But, I find that the more I keep my home organized, the more I put forth the effort to learn new recipes and cook good food, the more I clean my home and take excellent care of my children, the more confident I feel about being a woman and being able to handle whatever is thrown my way.

P. said...

It's so beautiful. Thanks for the idea.


Anonymous said...

Yes, love is what makes the difference. And that's why we don't have to be perfect, as long as we work with love in our hearts.

I think I wrote about the nannies in my neighborhood on here before, and while they are hard-working people, what is missing is the love. They are just placeholders.

I have a little plaque by my sink with a quote from Mother Teresa that says, "Do small things with great love."

~ Ann

Danae said...

I have always found it interesting that some women, as you mention, feel that they are denying their intellectual side by coming home. I have never felt this. Being at home more gives me more time to be intellectual - doing what your employer tells you to do, day after day, to me seems to kill intelligence and creativity.
In my spare time at home, I am studying for a degree through the British Open University. I would never have had time to do this if I was working all day outside the home, and evenings inside it - now it is a hobby for me, and ensures that I am kept up to date on the outside world.
Just some thoughts :)

HsKubes said...

Wonderful & beautiful idea!
Our theme at church this year is "Love is of God" and we are currently talking about the ministry of love we have for one another.
I love this idea and thank you for sharing it.
I am always blessed when I visit.
Thank you!
~ Christina

ladyakofa said...

"The one thing that all the intellectualism, through books, studying, lectures, and so forth, leaves out, is love."

Hmm... how true!

chicory cottage said...

GOD has been impressing upon my heart of late just how empty we are without love, so your post, lady lydia, is very timely! and i'm also beginning to realise just what an oddity i am in being a SAHW with a college degree. on another but related topic, lady lydia, could you comment (or direct me to a post if there is one) on how to handle parents who believe that being a homemaker isn't good? i'd appreciate any thoughts you have the time and inclination to share.

Sharon said...

"but the homemaker adds love to it all". What a lovely sentiment - one that I will try to remember and LIVE everyday. Thank you so much for your gifted post!!

Jennifer @ Her Southern Charm said...

You are just so stinkin' crafty!! :) Love it! It would be great for a homemade gift I'm going to give this week! Thanks for the instructions!

Mimi said...

Pretty box and good thoughts about love. Your article reminds me of the verse that says knowledge puffs up, but love builds up. I Corinthians 8:1. It also reminds me about the difference between intellectual knowledge and wisdom --
which is knowing how to apply knowledge to life. If I had to do it over again, I'd have prepared myself better to know how to manage a household better before I got married The great thing about homemaking is that you can continue to learn on the job -- though, of course, a good preparation does make things easier. Love does inspire you to learn wisdom and diligence.

Jen said...

Beautiful post! It's truly all for nothing if we don't infuse love into everything we do each day.

Jenn V

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful post and such a lovely idea! I love seeing your altered projects. Thank you for sharing your ideas.

Anonymous said...

You are so right…the homemaker adds love to it all…it is a wonderful job to have!
Loved your post, and the picture of the roses on your blog heading.

Raggedy Cottage Garden said...

I would love to try and make some vintage boxes. I have lot of scrap paper and little boxes that I really should use up ;)