Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Politics as Usual

Pirates Counting Their Spoils
by C.T. Howard (from allposters.)

The Big Bank Bail Out--Just an excuse to loot the U.S. Treasury

Teacher's Tantrum --Can you imagine home school mothers and fathers refusing to teach their children because they were  throwing a fit over money or political issues?

Toward Marxism -- a special forces, Green Beret officer warns about the tell-tale signs of Marxism in America. Marxism is dangerous and anti-Biblical.

You've heard the propaganda excusing Marxism, Socialism, Totalitarianism, Communism, and other "ism," that "there wouldn't be a necessity for it if there had not been a vacuum for it in society." In other words, there is a popular but false belief that existing society was so bad it brought on the evils of communism or Marxism or socialism.  This is a false statement. What really happens is this:  Communists desire to control, so they must remove the barriers that prevent them from taking over. They have to dismantle the existing government, religious beliefs and generational held respect for the family and for the past. They do this by infiltrating the education system, the courts, the government and the free enterprise system, corrupting it in every way they can.  It creates so much grief and despair, that  they say, "Look there is a vacuum here created by the old government. We will help you by replacing it with our new government."  So, they create commotion in order to get rid of the peace, so that people will submit to anything just for peace or a promised better life.  Communism always destroys. It never builds up. Under it, people will be happy the first couple of years as they get some free benefits, but when the government takes over all industry, all enterprise, and all family and education, people will adopt the mantra so common in former communist countries: "The government pretends to pay us, and we pretend to work."  Once again, the belief that Marxism only comes in to a country when a society is corrupt, is false. Rather, Marxism creates the corruption and then offers itself as a solution. Creating a problem first and then offering a solution is an old, old trick.

For those interested in the preservation of the home and family, home school, home birth, long marriage, and free market enterprise, read up on Visionary Womanhood's blog here
For those not interested in politics, I have a few interesting posts coming up here in the next few days.

Sarah in Australia, who is legally blind, writes:

So put the kettle on, open the tea caddy, warm the pot and break out your favourite tea dainties (I'll give you my savoury Dill Scone recipe) and make a stand against the insanity!!

How on Earth the Govt thinks it will cure the economic crisis by simply bailing out the ratbags who got us into this mess in the first place (when they should be tossed into jail and the keys thrown away) beggars belief!!

Getting into even more debt will not solve your nation's debt...

A report upon ABC 702 local radio yesterday estimated the total debt carried by the US govt. now to be around 8-9 trillion; yes, TRILLION!! courtesy of both the Bush and Obama administration's profligate spending upon war and baling out crowned financial criminals!!

Dr. David Suzuki was on 702 yesterday morning decrying the economic terminal disease that governments (and increasingly cultures at large) have indulged in since the conclusion of WWII. Now I know DS has much to say on a variety of issues that are antithetical to Christianity, but on this one he's right on the money!!

so have a cup of tea, and so will I!!

You might like to link to this or write Home Living...

Also, read her most recent articles about surveillance of your nation's people (bet your bottom dollar we're being watched over here in aus as well!!!!!) Well, let 'me stare, in the end, the Creator of Heaven and Earth will catch up with them.... :-)

Why do I have the most immature wish to send emails brimming with 'Ron Paul' typed 100 times?? (sorry, but its the Larrykin Aussie humour peaking out a bit) let 'em, watch me; perhaps our SAviour will be able to reach them, and teach them, a few genuine home truths while they're at it.


Helen said...

Hello Lady Lydia

Demoncracy or Communism?

Demoncracy or Communism?

It's much of a muchness now. Australia is heading the same way.

Much love,

Kelli said...

I am agreeing with Helen. Australia is heading down the path of socialism along with the rest of the world.

The world financial crisis has only aided the global push for socialism. Governments around the world are ‘bailing out’ banks and insurance companies to the tune of billions of dollars. Who owns these institutions now? The State. The next thing on the world agenda is to re-establish the union of Church & State. What a powerful union that will be.

What I'm wondering is where the State is currently getting all it’s money from? We are told that the US treasury (which is deeply in debt) is simply printing billions of dollars? I also wonder if governments like the US and UK have shadowy financial backers - exceedingly wealthy men with global socialist agendas? I cannot say. We are however living in interesting and sobering times.

“He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty. I will say of the Lord, He is my refuge and my fortress: my God; in Him will I trust.” Psalm 91:1,2

~A biblical word search regarding the 'secret place of God' lead me to conclude that the ‘secret place of the most High’ is 'His salvation'. We are safe abiding in His salvation!

Please be safe ladies. Hide yourselves in the salvation of Christ. Seek first His Kingdom. He will not see you without food, shelter or warm clothing. Trust Him!


Lydia said...


The Federal Reserve, which is neither federal, nor reserve, a privately owned banking company, prints off millions of dollars in paper money and then charges the United States interest to use that paper money, plus interest to borrow it. When any president has ever decided to do something about this, he has been threatened or killed. I wrote about this in my article, "How to Stop Worrying About Politics and Have an Abundant Life" in the theme articles. It tells what we can do about it by staying out of their system.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lydia

I heard that you should buy gold or silver because The dollar will collapse soon.

Kelli said...

Thank you Lydia, I will read your post. This 'printing of money' and earning interest on it sounds very corrupt to me. I wonder if the private bodies backing the Federal Reserve have socialist ambitions for the world? With that type of power, what kind of demands could they make of the State? Food for thought.