Wednesday, March 25, 2009

How to Be Happy (for children)

Things She Loves
by Susan Rios from Susan Rios Art

This is a continuation of the book by Lydia Sigourney, written in 1833.

1. Pray to God

You have been told that He sees you at all times, in darkness as well as at noonday. You have been taught that He hears you when you speak to Him, and that He is able to grant our requests. He permits you to call Him your Father in Heaven, and to pray to Him when you are in sorrow an din joy. Good people of every nation, have found comfort in prayer. Little children have often loved to pray...My dear children, ask your Father in Heaven to teach you how to be good, and to be happy. Without his aid, you cannot perform your duties aright. Never lie down to sleep, or rise in the morning, without prayer. And throughout the day, if you are in health and joy, or in sickness and trouble, if you have done your duty, or been guilty of faults, lift up your heart to Him who can hear the faintest sigh, though the lips utter no sound. If you awake in the silent hours of the night, and all is dark around you, pray to the God that never slumbers, and who amid the loneliness of midnight gave wisdom the the child, Samuel, and made him a Prophet mighty both in word and deed.

2. Obey Your Parents.

They know what is best for you. Because they are wiser than you, and love you better than any other earthly friend. God has made them your guides. Perhaps you cannot always see the reason of their commands. It is not necessary that you should. Your business is to obey. If you live to e as old as they are, you will perceive that their restraints were for your good. He is the wisest child, who yields most readily to the will of his parents.

Some children have no parents. They are called orphans. It is the greatest loss that can befall a child to lose affectionate and pious parents. While you have the blessing of kind parents, never distress them by disobedience. The best payment that you can make to them for all their watchings by your cradle, their continual care for your comfort, and patience with your errors, is to do cheerfully and faithfully the things that they desire. When they are absent and do not see you, observe their commands as if they were present.

The child who only obeys his parents when their eye is upon him, has not learned obedience. God, who seeth at all times, and in every place, will be displeased with those who deceive their parents. He has promised to reward those who "honor their father and their mother." Therefore, those who obey their parents, are pleasing in His sight.

To read online book go here

She also wrote "Letters to Young Ladies" in 1833, which I have not yet found available on line.


My friends, when you read things written in the past and get a glimpse of what words and beliefs made up the character of the majority of the American people, you can see how far away we have fallen from good sense. Parents need to make sure that their children are respectful and not deceitful. It is, after all, for their own ultimate good and will give them good success in life.


blessedmomof3 said...

I thought this was a very good post. I am going to get my boys to read this, as we deal a lot with them being disobedient. Thank you for sharing this.


Lydia said...

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Sharon said...

I totally agree with this!

Unknown said...

This is so lovely. I love the prose easy for the children. Going to use this in my sunday school class...Blessings. B.

Amy B. said...

This will make great copy work for the children. Thank you for posting.

It says it is a continuation of copy from Lydia Sigourney. Could you, if possible, put a link from this article to the others that reference her book?

I so appreciate your blog and all its loveliness. It is soothing to my soul while I'm in the midst of chaos and packing.