Saturday, March 14, 2009

Friendship Letter

Click on for a larger view.This is not a "real" letter. It is just a sample, to give some ideas for a friendly letter. In lieu of personal drawings, use your rubber stamps or small stickers; cut out things from flower and gift catalogs.

Here is a sample of an easy friendship letter that both adults and children can make. I have made you a simple fold up letter that doubles as an envelope. If you are at a loss for words, just write about any simple thing and illustrate it, as in this sample letter from Anne Shirley to her bosom friend, Diana Barrymore.

Be sure to fold your paper on the folding lines before you write your letter.
This is the way we address our letters. Put the address of the one you are sending it to, in the area I have shown, with the name on the first line, the street address or box number on the middle line, and the city and state or province on the third line. If it goes to another country, make a fourth line for it and write it in capital letters.

This is how you fold the tabs and upper flap when the letter is finished. You can just use your glue sticks to swipe some glue on it. Press firmly, add your stamp, and off it goes to bless the recipient.

Print the template on paper and glue directly onto cardstock with white glue or a paste made of flour and water. Cut it out and use it to trace around on a piece of paper of your choice.

While I do not get to view my visitor numbers very often, I have seen them this week and would like to welcome the following countries. I know that some of you do not even speak my language, so I hope my craft illustrations can tell a story. I hope your visit here has been uplifting and informative.

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Anonymous said...

Lady Lydia,

I have always been planning to copy some of your articles and put them in a notebook so I could go over them again and again while I'm away from the computer.

I saw your Copyscape notice, and was sad, but I can understand why you need to do that. Is it still Ok to print out your articles for personal use? My husband checked it by copying a paragraph from your website, and it looks like we can still copy and paste, maybe it just sends you a notice that we are doing so? If you are not Ok with this, I will certainly comply with your desire to not have us print things out.

I have often wished that your articles could be sold in book form - I would be glad to buy a copy, and probably many more, as gifts for my friends. Your writing has been my main guide for the last few years since I found you. It is the best!

Also, I was just thinking last week about how to ask you if you would ever recieve monetary gifts, but I thought you are probably not set up to do so. Please let me know if you are. Sometimes I just wish to bless you with a gift, like I send money to other ministries that have helped me.

I tried to write this note to you on the "contact me" link, but it wasn't working. There is no need to post this as a comment, unless you want to in order to answer it to everybody at the same time.

Thank you, Lady Lydia, I love you for all you have done for me!

Oops, I guess I would have to leave my e-mail address on an e-mail directly to you, in order for you to answer me. I will try the "contact me" link every once in a while, so that you can have my address, when it gets to working again.
Thank you!

candy said...


Tracy said...

That is so sweet...I love it! :)

Lydia said...

I went ahead and posted this because I wanted you to know that I am in the process of taking down some articles to put in small booklet form, that can be puchased for the price of the printing and paper. It will take awhile but then you will have some basic things to give away. I always thought there needed to be little brochures or pamphlets to give to people on the subject of daughters, wives, homemaking, children, etc. and these booklets will be basic to that. As for the contact me not working, I'll try to get that fixed today. I do not know what happened. You are welcome to print off articles if you are still able to do that. It is just as well the pictures will not copy, as it takes a lot of ink. I did not want to use all the restrictions that are on here but was forced to. Nice people are going to have to live behind more and more reinforcements, gates, and passwords, while the lawless run free, being destructive and looting.

blessedmomof3 said...

Hello! I am one of your Australia visitors, and do come by now and then. You have a lovely site, and am always blessed when I visit. I really enjoyed the post about the friendship letter.


Lydia said...

I really appreciate your visit and you are so kind to leave a compliment. I believe that friendship letters are loved because people write about things that are fun to imagine from the other end. Anne and Diana didn't do anything really spectacular, but reading about their daily activities make you smile. The friendship letters do not have to be as plain as the one I posted, and there are many more things to talk about.

Stacy said...

Very cute letter and very good advice. It is so nice to get a letter in the mail, and SO RARE these days!

Anonymous said...


I am your reader from Malta and I would like to let you know that I love your blog and that me and my daughters (10 and 6 years old) have loads of fun trying out your paper crafts.



Mrs. Webfoot said...

Your blog is beautiful and refreshing.

I have some letters to write.

Thank you, and God bless,
Mrs. Webfoot

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say that you have BEAUTIFUL handwriting. So pretty and lady-like!

Anonymous said...

These are lovely! My daughter and I enjoyed making some this morning. We hope they will be a blessing to those we send them to. Thank you for your encouraging inspiration for homemakers!

Blessings to you,