Monday, March 16, 2009

Handkerchief Box

This Matzo box was a perfect size for storing antique ladies handkerchiefs and crocheted items of the same size. I needed something to put them in, temporarily, so I secured both of the ends where you would normally open the box, with tape, and made a new opening on the broad side of the box. The embellishments are paper craft stickers that look like wood mouldings.

First, it was covered in pink paper, but I didn't care for it so I re-covered it in the white, as you see, above. This is children's construction paper, a pulp paper that is quite inexepensive. It is easier to wrap it around edges and corners, but I think this project could be done with colored tissue papers and thin art papers or scrapbook papers.

After pasting paper on the outside, use white glue or paste from flour and water, to put a lining, or "end paper" on the inside. Secure with clothespins til it sticks or dries. I put my projects in front of a little space heater or out in the hot sun, to let them dry faster.

This is just a piece of disposable type ribbon from a package, used to make a lifting loop for the lid. Just glue it down and secure with a clothespin.
To refine the cut edges, make strips of paper with your scissors and create a kind of overlap or binding. Secure with clothes pegs til it is firmly stuck.

Then add a picture or some decor on the inside lid. Fill with your treasures, or use as a gift box. The embellishments on the top were from Miss Elizabeth scrapbook materials from Dollar Tree. I do not think this brand is being sold anymore, but you could make your own embellishments with various materials, stickers, or strips of paper cut from shaped scissors. Just cut some corners and strips and put the shaped sides toward the inside of the cover.
Hope you enjoy this little homestead craft. I call it homestead because we used every available box and piece of cardboard from everything that came into the house, to make things with, when we were growing up on the homestead. Many other families did the same.
Coming up in the future: "Were the Goths really the creators of what is called Gothic art, architecture, music, and other arts?"
For those interested in activism, go here
While I do not know what the religious beliefs of these people are, I know that they are sufferring terribly. This is a good site for students who are given extra credits for activism, to study. Feminists: please read that article to see what is going on in the real world.

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What a darling idea for the handkerchief box. I really do love your blog. Great ideas and very inspirational!
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