Thursday, October 08, 2009

Fabrics From Nature

Basque Gipsy Girl with Tambourine

(18 in x 24 in)

(Giclee Print Bouguereau, William Adolphe )

can be seen here:

Part of our "Painting Inspired Sewing Series"

This is a print of the Victorian Crazy Quilt, made into a skirt several years ago. "The Gypsy" clothing is somewhat similar to the colors in this fabric, as well as many beautiful floral paintings like the one above.  The blue blouse on the right matched the blue background.  The fabric store sold bolts in every single one of the fabrics represented in this print.

This is an example of how to piece your material if you come up short and do not want to go back to the store. You cannot tell in this picture, that the skirt has been pieced. The top of the skirt underneath the waistband has been pieced together, using scraps of fabric, to match the print exactly. With some small prints, you do not have to be precise if you piece it, as it will not show. However, with a larger print, you simply find a scrap that matches the piece you need to add something to, and sew it, right sides facing.

This is a closer view of the seam where the skirt was pieced.  This skirt had two main pieces and was very easy to make.  After adding pieces to lengthen your fabric, lay the pattern on top and cut as you would a whole piece of fabric.  Some of the previous dresses I showed on this blog, were pieced on sleeves and hem areas when I wanted them longer, but you cannot tell it is there.

You can buy the matching fabrics and make a variety of dresses and little jackets or skirts and blouses that all co-ordinate. All cotton, this fabric is a joy to sew, because it is soft and the colors are so sweet and so reminiscent of the beauty of nature all around... this profusion of color growing here, with the aqua sky in the background.

The fashion show has been moved ahead a few more months, but I will try to include photos of the garments then. Inbetween time, I will show some children's clothing.  Someone asked me to do a sewing tutorial. That is being thought out also, as well as some pictures for the blog of how to sew a hair scrunchy or hair bow with a clip.

Even if women do not sew, there is a lot to be learned by looking around you and feeling the mood of the season or the time of day and choosing clothing that looks like nature or the beautiful things around us: a pretty house, a lovely object, or even a teacup, can be an idea for choosing clothing or sewing.

For an example of what I mean by getting ideas from beauty all around you, this Royal Albert tea set, called "Blossom Time"....

...looks like this fabric from It is called Allover Floral by Leslie Beck for Springs Creative Products.
The "Corelle"(Corningwear)  brand of glass, unbreakable dishes, has this pattern, called "Meadow", which also matches this fabric print, perfectly.

The dish set has been on sale for $19.00 for a set of four dinner plates, for dessert plates, four bowls and four large cups.

If you use your 40 percent coupon at Joanns, you can get an expensive fabric like this for three to four dollars a yard. I bought a fourth of a yard of it just to use as a napkin for that tea cup.  So look around and see what you have in your home, or look outside at the sky and see the trees in bloom, and you will have a lot of ideas about finding clothes.

Here is another delightful piece from, which I have also seen in the store (and touched ;-)  It is thicker than the previous piece, but it looks like a flowering tree in the spring, or a meadow that has just come alive with the color of wildflowers.

Psalm 90:17 And let the beauty of the LORD our God be upon us: and establish thou the work of our hands upon us; yea, the work of our hands establish thou it.


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Finding inspiration for clothing from nature is such a beautiful and forgotten way of dressing. Thanks for putting all of this so clearly, and for passing this on.