Saturday, May 29, 2010

Framed Cards

Before wall art was so abundant and inexpensive, post cards and cards were often framed to provide pretty pictures in the house.  I have removed the glass from these frames because the pictures look better without the glare, but if you need to protect your picture better, you can use the glass. Clean it with window cleaner and dry with a towel when you take your frame apart. The picture above is a post card copied on the copier on to card stock, and then the palest part of the rose petal edges are high lighted with clear, sparkled glue. 

A tiny gift card is worth saving and put into a small dollar store frame. The art on this card just happens to be a print of Victorian artist.

With a few dabs of clear glue, it looks like rain on the roses.

Stickers saved for something special can be used with a small frame.

Place stickers or small clippings on textured card stock.

This is a good way to use stickers or scrap art that seems too special to use.

This is the same kind of card I used yesterday for the dimensional card. It fit this dollar store frame perfectly. Use old frames again, and change pictures as often as you like.  There is no end to the things you can frame. Try making scrap book type pictures of your own, using clip art and small things, such as buttons, keys, and papers.

Creativity Causes Contentment

One reason to include creative things in your life, is to gain contentment.

 If you are creative, you can make anything you want, with very little cost.

Take a few minutes each day and make something beautiful.


Anonymous said...

When I was very young in my grandparents home the prettiest calender was hung on the wall not only for keeping track of the days but it added beauty to the room.

Today I still do this, finding the biggest and prettiest Thomas Kinkaide calender and putting that up on the wall.

Sandy Lynam Clough, Christy Rapasy and other artists put out lovely calenders, and cards that can hang on your walls. Many of them are the same size and fit in store bought frames from the dollar store.

Thank you for sharing this art form with us. So pretty and practical.

Anonymous said...

I decorated my girls' bedroom with cards and re-painted thrift store frames. It was darling. We seem to think alike on many things.

Anonymous said...

You can even make a space at the bottom of the card and insert Bible quotes or other quotes hand written or taken from other cards etc. I have added one old flower from an old coursage at the bottom corner of the outside frame for an added touch on cards with pictures of homes and such. Even a small twig glued on with a small birid to the bottom on a nature one...or on one of the top corners. There is no end to things you can do when you think of it. You can put say 3 valentine cards or other kindds in one of those frames with the 3 spaces in it. I have seen this done at antique stores. Thank you so much for sharing all your talants to pretty up our homes Mrs Sherman.

Lydia said...

I am making one of a bird from a calendar picture, with a feather and other things. Buttons and craft jewels also brighten a picture.

Anonymous said...

I wanted to say Thank You for this idea-I do this too. Often my Grandmother will send the most beautiful cards and I like to frame them for now and then put them in a file folder when I get sick of the picture to read what she wrote in the future when she is gone to remember her by. I also appreciate that you encourage women to "decorate " their homes within reason and budget to help them become more homey. Also I appreciate that you champion creative breaks at home for women immensely. At this point in my life I have very little time for the creative part due to raising a very active toddler boy and helping out an elderly grandmother, as well as helping my mother out at her home since she has had to have a hip replacement and can't do much housework. I realize though that these years are my busy years and eventually will have more time to do more of the creative "fun" stuff for the home. I can't tell you how it grates on my nerves on reading in some Christian blogs or books that women's lives are supposed to be nothing but cooking and cleaning and taking care of just family and church needs. The type that basically discourages sewing, knitting, crochet, embroidery, scrapbooking, and reading or decorating ones home as frivilous. Those viewpoints make me not want to be at home at all or even Christian period. Granted those activities can be overdone at the cost of the home, family, and church-but when used in ones life properly its a great blessing.

Mrs. Kelley Dibble said...

A firm believer in that!