Saturday, May 22, 2010

Semi-Home Made Socks

The Morning Room, by Jan Frederick Portielje, Belgium, 1829-1908

These cotton socks for ladies and girls are easy to make. All you need is cotton socks in your size with a fold over cuff, and some flat lace. It takes one yard of flat lace for a pair of socks.

On the sewing machine, with a regular needle and stitch, stretch the cuff of the sock, as you sew the flat lace on it. A small zig-zag stitch works well.

Begin sewing at the back of the sock and sew around . Then stitch the edges of the lace together.

The socks shown above, were tinted with Rit Dye. Some laces will not take dye. Try a cotton eyelet flat lace if you want it to be dyed the same as the socks.  Flat lace is best to use, since the lace will ruffle automatically once sewn on a stretch sock. If you use ruffled lace, you might find it two ruffly. The cost of making these is about a dollar apiece, depending on how much your socks and lace cost. 

These are from Victorian Trading Company

Here are the socks. They look warm.


Lydia said...

If you ever make these, please remember you have to stretch the edge of the cuff its full length; that is, as far as it will stretch, as you sew the lace on it.

lynn m said...

Great Lydia! Is the dying process easy enough? Just think how costly they must be at Victorian Trading's so fun to make our own things when we can!! i saw them done like this years ago in a Victoria magazine too!

candy said...

too cute! i often add lace to my socks, i love it!

by the way i love your blog header, very cute.

Anonymous said...

those socks are so cute and feminine.

I thought next winter I would sew some of that wedding lace unto some socks and the bottom of the pant leg of some thermal under wear leggings and give them as Christmas gifts to the female members of my family.
This lace looks really pretty when it peaks out from under petticoats and long dresses.

I am always looking for new, fun and practical things to give as gifts.

Thank you for sharing. Please post more, we love this!

Anonymous said...

I did this for a customer once. The also had me add trims and appliques to childrens socks. They were so cute.

Jan Hatchett said...

What a gorgeous idea! I have to wear orthopedic shoes (which are sometimes unattractive and boxy) and these socks would definitely make me smile and detract from the shoes!

I love it!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the great idea! I have the socks from Victorian Trading Company and I like them, but they are quite expensive! Now, I can use this idea to make some more for far less. I think they would be very cute for my little girl to wear with her dresses as well.

Kathie Truitt said...

I have the white pair and the ecru pair that I ordered from Victorian Trading Company. I love them and I always get lots of compliments on them.

lynn m said...

Amazingly, my daughter just gave me an old roll of cotton flat lace from an old house she and her husband had owned and cleaned out. This is like your lace, Lydia, and which will be perfect for the socks, which I found in Dollar General here.

Anonymous said...

I love the socks. Would you wear them with the boots. I really would like to get warmer shoes for the winter time like those boots with the cute lacy socks. I don't think it would look silly, do you? They are sort of like the boots Elizabeth Bennett wore, while climbing the hill with her aunt and uncle.