Thursday, August 05, 2010

The Importance of Guarding Your Home

 There are many women living today who have never seen a society where the women where most women planned all their lives to marry and have their own homes and families. We are living in an age where that life has been presented as undesireable, while a life of going back and forth to a work for years and years, is promoted as freedom.

 Because of these attitudes being broadcast, it is doubly important that women at home defend their territory and guard their home.  This may seem like a drastic statement, but there are many things that are attempting to defeat the role of the homemaker.

One of the things that makes it necessary to step up your guard of the home, is the attack that comes in the form of discouragement.  There are many women who love their

Guard it from naysayers

Guard it through hard times

Guard it from corruption

Guard it from errosion

Guard it from enemies

Guard it from unbelief

Guard it from unproductive things

Guard it from comparisons

Guide the home into obedience

Guide the home to safety

Guide the home to beauty

Guide the home to creativity

Guide the home to work

Guide the home re-creation

Guide it into the next generation

Guide it in good times

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