Monday, January 31, 2011

Fabric Hearts

Catherine Kline Postcard

Using the card stock pattern from the original heart post, you can make fabric hearts with loops to hang or place them in a bowl as pretty give-aways at your next tea. They can also be scented by spraying a vanilla or cinnamon room spray from Dollar Tree on the filler just before you sew up the opening

With right sides of fabric together, put the cardboard template in place and draw a pencil line around it. Then, cut a fourth to a half inch larger, as you see here, marking two places on the straight side of the heart, where you will leave an opening.

Back stitch to secure the stitching, and then go all the way around the heart, pivoting at the points, until you get to the other mark. Back stitch and forward stitch again to secure it. Clip little wedges on the curved areas to make it smoother when you turn it inside out.  This can easily be hand stitched.

Turn the heart so that the right sides with the pretty print is out, and press out the points and curves and seams with the tips of your scissors. gently. If you prefer, you can press the heart with the iron before the next step.This is a new spring cotton from Walmart. Click on for a larger view. I have already cut a dress from it, and hope it won't take me another year to get it sewn!

This picture is blurry, but I am trying to show you that you can press down the opening one fourth inch, even with the sewn seam, on the opening, with a hot iron. It will make it easier to stitch it together.

This is what it will look like after you press it. By taking the first stitch inside the heart and pulling through the seam on the outside, you can hide the knotted end. Then, overcast or use a buttonhole type stitch. I use a special invisible way of stitching openings, but any stitch will be fine, and if you use matching thread, the stitching will not show.

Now fill it with the fiberfill or cotton or wool or whatever you want to use. If you do not have stuffing, you can substitute something else such as cotton balls or fabric scraps.

This one is made from fleece fabric. Some sources say that when doors had keyholes, little pillows like this were hung on the inside the door to cover the keyhole, for privacy and warmth. I have seen some very nice heart pillows with keys attached to them, on various blogs this season. 

I found this lovely pin cushion at JoAnn Fabrics. If you do not intend to use your 40 or 50% coupon for any large item, you can always buy something like this.

The pincushion has a solid bottom and the pins are pink and white. I have a couple of pin-cushion tutorials here, if you want to make your own. You can order graphite from the web to fill it with, which sharpens your pins and needles.

 This is some new cotton fabric I found at JoAnns. I got a yard of it and I really like the feel of it. It is very soft but closely woven. I would sure like to get more of it. I am not sure what I will use it for, but like all fabriholics, it is just nice to have it in a little stack with other samples, to look at.


Suzanne said...

I thought I would share these little crocheted hearts to make garlands or embellish cards, aren't they sweet. I am going to give these a go.

Trish said...

That is just beautiful!
Thank you again, Lydia.
God bless you..Trish

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't that fabric make a cute and whimsical tea cozy? It would also make cheerful kitchen valances; it would be a bit much for a whole curtain I think. Maybe ruffles on a curtain...

morningstar said...

This is lovely! I am going to make one for each of my gals! And I adore the pin cushion.

Anonymous said...

One could make several of those hearts, and transform them into a wreath for the front door. Make three in greenish fabrics, sew them together into a shamrock shape for St. Patrick's Day. Of course, a shamrock calls for a (coordingating)a stem. This could be a lot of fun!
I started making lavender filled hearts months ago, but I put the project aside. Time to get it out again. I think the shape of your heart is really cute!

Anonymous said...

A few years back I made some hearts similar to this and gave them away for just because presents. I added just a few tiny blossoms pulled off a floral bush, and on some a little butterfly and on the others a small bird that Michael's had at that time. These are nice to make because of the minimal amount of fabric and supplies needed. These make nice presents for women as well as girls.

Anonymous said...

What pretty fabric! As soon as we thaw out here, I'm going to see if our Walmart is carrying it! Thank you Lady Lydia, for such an encouraging blog!
Mrs CinTx

Anonymous said...

The fabric from JoAnne's is reeelly apron in it would be cute, no?
Lynn M.

Anonymous said...

I never thought of making a fabric heart, but they are a good way to use up some scraps. I think a few could be attached together with heavy thread or ribbon to make a cute hanging decoration. I'll have to give this a try.

We are buried under record amounts of snow in my part of America and lately have been unable to get out for days on end. Doing crafts is a good way to pass the long days at home.