Friday, January 21, 2011

Make Your Own Paper Cupcake or Muffin Wrappers


These lace paper wraps come in many different styles and colors, suitable for any occasion, but they can be quite expensive. Some are sold in a package of 12 for $12.00, making it a dollar for each lace wrapper.

You can get them cheaper at Wal-Mart in the Valentine supply section of the store:  $1.88 per package of 10,  in red, white and pink glossy paper.

Let's suppose, however, that for some reason you cannot find them or afford them, or maybe you do not have the time or the transportation to go shopping. I have created a pattern for you here so that you can make them with any paper and in any style you like. I have two styles here: one is for the cupcake shape and the other is a straight edge type for a small cake that is made usually with a cookie cutter. It is the same size as a cupcake but the sides are straight, like a cake.

All you have to do is copy the pattern on cardstock from your printer (or paste the pattern on heavier paper or cardboard), cut it out, and trace around it on the paper of your choice.

After tracing the outline from the cardboard pattern, use your rubber stamps to decorate the paper, or add stickers to suit the occasion.  Pick papers that suit your taste, from primitive and country, or shabby-chic and elegant. 

Cut around the upper edges of the paper with deckle-edged scissors, for a lacy look.

The two papers that I used here were construction paper, above, and printer paper, below. Scrapbook papers will lend it a more upscale, professional look, so try whatever you have on hand and see what you like best.

Place the wrappers around the cake or cupcake and tape the ends together with clear tape. Paper hole punches or any shaped punches can be used on the edges, as you see on one of these wrappers.

This is a cupcake pan liner, which goes in the cupcake pan. After the cupcake has cooled, do not remove this wrapper. The decorative wrapper which we are making, goes around it.
Cupcake baking pan. Line the little sections with the cupcake liners shown in the previous photo.

Trace and cut out your wrapper. This is the straight-sided one.

Fold the strip of paper in half, and then in half again. Fold it once more if possible.

This is the circular cupcake shaped liner cut from the pattern. Fold it in half, matching the curved edges, and in half again, and maybe once more.

Use the deckle-edge scissors to trim off the top edge, and then cut half hearts into the folded side edges.

Unwrap to see if you like your design. If not, start over with a new piece.

This is how the curved cupcake design looks when unfolded.

Above: the two kinds of muffins: one a cupcake shape, and one made with straight sides with a cookie cutter, in cupcake wrappers.

Muffin and cupcake wrapper pattern.

It would be interesting to see this done in checkered scrapbook papers or gift-wrap paper. The next time you have to get a little treat made quickly and need to make it extra special, try making your own cupcake wrapper for it. If your cakes are not the same size as my pattern, just make your own.  Look here for a google list of cupcake wrappers and templates, and see what others are doing. 

There are some beautiful styles of these wrappers here.
You can make just about anything you want, when you become innovative and resourceful. It is a wonderful way to live because you do not have to wait til you find something or wait til you can afford the little luxuries. This might also be a good enterprise for those who sell paper crafts in their own online stores or from the home.


Anonymous said...

Dear Lydia,
Thank you so much for the great post and tip. We love these wrappers.
I clicked on your link about other cupcake wrappers and found others were using wrapping paper, pretty scrap papers and paper lace doilies.

Since I had an assortment of lace paper doilies I found that the 12" doilie works really well for a cupcake wrapper.
If you cut our a 7 1/2" circle from the center of the doilie, it leaves approx. a 2 1/2" lace border.
Using your template I cut out 3 borders and overlapped them each 1/4" and taped them from inside. They look just as pretty as the $1 each wrappers.
From a package of 48 count 12" doilies I can cut 144 wrappers. That is a huge savings.
I'm making cupcakes for our Keepers of the Home class coming up soon. Each girl and lady there will get a template copy and instructions.

Blessings, Janet Westrup.

Blessed Homemaking said...

These are cute. I have never seen anything like them before. I love that you make things out of simple, ordinary stuff that is inexpensive and can be found around the house (mostly). That is good for this momma that never learned to keep house growing up! I love the ideas for adding little beautifying touches to our homes.

Mrs. Q

Blessed Homemaking said...

Oh, P.S.
I also meant to say I love that you've added in the "link within" to your posts. It makes it easier to find lots of other delightful, encouraging posts :)

mahek said...

Thanks Lydia
For this wonderful pattern and Idea
We in India do not get these fancy wrappers so this idea is a boon...

Lydia said...

Mahek, it is always good to hear from someone nice in India, especially someone who likes to cook! In these parts, paper crafting magazines often center around foods and containers, such as paper sleeves for coffee cups or drinking glasses, coasters and placemats.

Trish said...

This is a lovely idea!
One that young or old could try.
I enjoy your tutorials with this sort of craft. You inspire us to make beautiful things without breaking the bank :-)
Thank you, Lydia.
God bless..Trish

Linda said...

Michaels craft stores sell edging punchers with matching corner punches in many pretty designs. They are not cheap but Michaels occasionally runs newspaper flyers with 25% to 30% off any item coupons. The punches are quite versatile, making edging paper shelf lining, cards and envelopes and cake wrappers, Victorian Christmas ornaments, candle bobeches, plate protectors and mini doilies for tea cookies and tea cup saucers.

Lydia said...


I do not have any of the new Martha Stewart punches, but someone who has some sends me a number of papers punched out for my cards, and they are wonderful. They come in circles with lace edging, or you can make squares and rectangles with them. These punchers are much better than the ones we used to get years ago from catalogs. When I write about correspondence I will include a picture of some of the punched papers I have collected from people who own the punchers: butterflies, and lace squares. I am thinking of a new post for cards which will include some of these punched papers.

Miss Linda said...

What a wonderful idea. Thank you so very much for sharing!

Barbara Jean said...

Great ideas. so cute!!

blessings bj