Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Recycling Calendar Art

Catherine Klein, "Red Rose"

A previous post featured a printable calendar with Victorian roses. It is a new month now, and I wanted to share what I did with last month's rose picture. I suggested that the calendar be printed on cardstock, leaving the other side blank, so that it could be recycled into cards and clip art.

Cut out the picture from last month. It will fit the long business-size envelope just fine.

Place the card on folded cardstock, centering and cutting to fit the envelope. There will be a strip left over that could be rubber stamped or decorated in some way to use as a bookmark, which you might enclose in the card.

Here is the completed card, with some added  Stickles glitter on the tips of the rose petals. It is also sprayed with a bit of glimmer mist, which you can't see, but looks really nice in real life.  You can cut pieces to fit envelopes, from the large calendars you buy, and place them on matching papers for cards. 


Suzanne said...

I was just looking at my Lang folk art calender and thinking I would somehow frame February, it is so lovely. If I put a crackle medium over it I can make it look like an old painting--much cheaper than going to the framing shop.

Lydia said...

I have not mentioned the extremely cold winter weather everyone in the Northern Hemisphere seems to have now. Tucked in at home, with all the food we need and all the sewing supplies, it is easy to be content, and not let it worry us too much. I remember below zero temps when I was a child, and the way my mother kept seven children occupied indoors where it was warm. In those days we did not have all the beautiful supplies available today, so we used only the basic things: construction paper, egg cartons, glitter and glue, cardboard from boxes in the pantry, foil, and other things. We just learned to look at everything before we threw it out, but we did manage to make some very pretty Valentines. Mother saved old cards and we clipped the pictures from them to use on new cards.

The Rose Scented Home said...

I love to look at the more expensive stencils then recreate the picture on a postcard. It only takes black paint or a fine marker.

You always have the best ideas!

Miss Linda said...

What an inspired idea! You have a true gift for creativity, Lady Lydia. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful way to re-use the (often very beautiful) artwork on a favorite calendar.