Friday, February 11, 2011

Painting With A Story

The Pride of Dijon

I acquired a reproduction print of this painting at a thrift store, and was able to look more closely at the details. It looks like a relaxing scene, but there is a lot going on.

If  you will click on the picture and let it take you to the source at Allposters, then you can use the magnifier and look at every corner. The first thing you might see is that the rug on the floor has a fringe that is turned over on the lower right side, as if the hem of the lady's dress had swooped it over as she walked over it before she sat down.

The wind, as well, might be blowing, causing all the roses to fall on the floor of the patio  where the lady and gentleman are sitting. A little table to the right holds two cups, one with a spoon, and both seem to be placed on some kind of cloth. The man is dressed formally and the lady, holding a fan, is wrapped in a fine shawl. Her dress seems to reflect the pale pink roses that are growing along the trellis and fence. The couple may have been to a formal event and now are visiting outside as the day grows darker.

I really like the black, wrought-iron fence around the patio, and the landscaping beyond, with the little road or path in a curve. I cannot imagine what they would be talking about but it seems to be serious.

When I hung the picture, I added a little shelf next to it, on which I placed a fan of a similar style, and a tea cup with a pale pink rose,  and then draped an old scarf on the frame, all to reflect the theme of the picture.

William Hennessy was born in County Kilkenny but immigrated to Canada when his parents left Ireland. He was an honorary member of the American Society of Watercolor Painters.

A fan, cup, spoon and floral ornament echoes details of the painting.


Miss Linda said...

What a very beautiful painting and I love the little vignette you created beside it.

Suzanne said...

What a beautiful painting.

Far Above Rubies said...

Lady Lydia,

I have seen this painting before and always thought of it's beauty and detail.

Thank you for pointing them out. I missed the "rug detail."

Don and Shelly said...

It is a lovely painting. I agree that this must be a serious conversation due to their body language: heads tilting to the side indicate they're interested and that this is more than casual conversation.

Anonymous said...

Lady Lydia,
This is indeed a beautiful painting with many interesting details. "The Pride of Dijon" in the title is probably refering to the roses, which in French are called Gloire de Dijon (glory is sometines translated pride). It is a pale yellow rose with a delicate pink center and a favorite in France. It symbolizes romance, which adds to the story of the painting. Thank you for posting those things which are pure, and lovely, and of good report.

Lydia said...

Thank you for explaining the title!! You must be a rose lady. I wondered for years what in the world that name meant!! So do you think the lovely rose is really the lady?

Bobbie G. said...

Lady Lydia,

I love the way you displayed the painting with your shelf of treasures. So pretty.

Anonymous said...

thank you for sharing

Grateful Grammy said...

This is lovely, and thank you for your descriptions. I especially like the undivided attention this man is giving to the woman.