Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Fabric of Nature

Resting Time

by William Adolphe Bougeureau

Wheat Harvest Time, USA (allposters.com)

This is a woven fabric. Once a pattern is cut, it has to be sewn up very quickly, because the raw edges ravel so easily. It does not need ironing. I am not sure what it is (not mylar), but it comes in a variety of colors: green, fuscia, light pink, light and dark blue, red, silver, and many others. This is as close as I could get to the color of wheat.

Every week it seems the colors of nature change, which always interests me. Being a fabri-holic, I enjoy matching up the cloth to the outdoor scenes. The fabric I'm using is a woven gold metallic but the wheat outshines it. It is hard to find a fabric that is the color of this beautiful wheat.

If you are homeschooling your children and have wheat or barley in a field near you, there is a volume of information available for study on the subject. There are wheat crafts, recipes, historical facts dating back to the time of Joseph in the Old Testament and a seemingly endless variety of wheat around the world. A student could list a hundred uses of it, including building materials and fine paper products. I like the beauty of it and have seen it in fashionable flower shops in vases. Over 240,000 farms in America produce wheat. I have been on several car-trips across the country, and seen  where wheat grows in huge oceans of shimmering gold in the sunlight.

 He maketh peace in thy borders, and filleth thee with the finest of the wheat.
Psalm 147:14 

Mrs V. of "The Quiet Pleasures of Home" blog has written something quite true about women's clothing today. It is sad to see how far women have gone to avoid wearing beautiful fabrics that cover their bodies adequately.  I rarely see men running about half-naked, but, oh! the women!  What is is about the culture and the manufactured clothing that is making it more appealing to be bare than to be covered?  Women, old and young, need to be bashful about their bodies enough to wear proper coverings.    As Mrs. V. wrote, you need not be rich or privileged to have good clothing. Often, the scanty clothing costs more than adequate clothing anyway. I show a lot of paintings from the 16, 17 and 1800's on this blog to help people see that those in the past were hardly without clothing, even if they were farm women or lived in humble cottages. It is a matter of principle, not a matter of money.

Geri, of the Exposing the Darkness blog has written an important post about the importance of our outward appearance. There has been a false doctrine going around for several decades that it does not matter what we wear.  A man or woman, they say, can dress as awful as they please because they "have good personalities" or "do good works."  The Bible does not support this. Those who promote a slothful and sloppy or immodest appearance are taking scriptures out of context to promote their own agenda. 

 Christian women are told in the Bible to wear modest apparel. The Israelites were told in the Old Testament to put on "holy garments" for worship.  Since we have a great God who is our King, we need to dress like daughters of a King, not daughters of the devil.  Please, ladies, do your best to dress your best and dress beautifully!  I try to promote this when I suggest looking at your surroundings. Have you just returned from a wonderful vacation in the Caribbean, or from a camp out at a lake? Pay attention to the textures, colors, the light, the entire atmosphere, and see if you can dress to reflect it. I remember as a child how I loved the color blue, because it looked like our sky and lake in the summer.  I've posted a photo of me out standing in my field of wheat. Why shouldn't I enjoy the color and dress in something that imitates the Creation? 

 Commercial clothes for women today are often designed to match office buildings and printing machines, instead of the wonderful floral and oceans that God created. Do take a second look at life around you and dress accordingly. Are you invited to a ladies tea? Find something to wear that says "tea party" all over it---I don't mean the words, but the feeling: lace, the floral pattern of a tea cup (even wheat), and in general a feminine look. Many of the rags sold today to young (and old) women are the color of a ditch.  Take a trip to the fabric store and go look at all the prints there and study them, thinking about what they remind you of.   It does matter what you wear, for it tells your family and the world how you feel about life.

If you cannot quite relate to the idea of dressing to reflect nature, try looking at the paintings I provide at http://www.lovelywhatevers.blogspot.com/  (look at older posts, look at the sidebar, and look at archives) and try to imitate the women's clothing, at least in color and print.

Leisure projects: I have added more sheet and tablecloth tents secured with clothespins, to the previous post on Homemaker's Leisure Time.

Young girls: Just as summer always seems too short, youth is also too short--too short to waste looking drab and funeralistic. The Bible says spring is a time of florals and rains and beauty. Dress in clothing that look like the summer: roses, blue skies, pretty fields of berries, orchards, birds and all the things that summer affords. Sew a long dress, and  wear a ribbon in your hair to match your dress.  I suggested a long dress because it has the top and skirt already matched and connected and there are no agonizing decisions to be made trying to decide which top to wear with which skirt. Fabric stores have prints ranging from Hawaiian to calicos and ginghams, all youthful and uplifting. You can't help feeling happy when you wear clothing made of these wonderful fabrics.


Anonymous said...

I remember old-timey china sets from the 50's with a wheat theme, so pretty.

Amy said...

Beautiful! The colors and textures of God's creation never cease to astound me. I don't see many wheat fields in this neck of the woods, but the cornfields in late summer are lovely and every now and again I'll pass fields of sunflowers that take my breath away.


Mrs. V. said...

Lady Lydia, I just wanted to let you know that I referenced you and your blog in the post I wrote today. Blessings ~~~

Don and Shelly said...

"William Adolphe Bougeureau"-- one of my very favorite artists!!

LadyLydia said...

Mrs. V. I will link back to your clothing article. Thanks so much. What profound points. Yes the women are wearing less than the men. Look at Victorian photographs and compare them to today. The men still look like men, with button down shirts and pants, while the women...the women are unrecognizable.

I watched a wedding dress video recently where bridesmaids and designers were helping brides to be find dresses. When they found a modest one, the bridesmaids would say things like, "Why don't you find something that shows some skin?" When you wear a modest dress with sleeves, the people of the culture around you think the same thing: why don't you show some skin? Since I like fabric, I want more of it and the more folds and gathers and pieces in the pattern, the better I like it. I was watching a lady in a long skirt today and she had a little girl in a matching skirt, who was clutching a big piece of the side of her mother's skirt while they waited in line at the check out area. I thought it was wonderful the little girl had something to hang on to, since the mother was busy pushing the cart and paying attention to the other child and other things like paying for her purchase.

Far Above Rubies said...

Excellent. Thank you. ;-)

Gerie said...

Lady Lydia,

I wrote an article today about outward appearance and that it really does matter to the Lord.
Christians are doing a disservice to the Kingdom of God and losing rewards themselves when they dress sloppily and carelessly and furnish their homes with amusing elements instead of with dignity.
Our God is Holy, His Angels are Holy. They do not appreciate when we dress and furnish our homes in a careless fashion.

LadyLydia said...


Thank you for doing this and I will make note of it inside the post.

There was a rumor spread a couple of decades ago that people should only be judged on their good personalities and good deeds, and that their appearance didnt matter.

This is a lie. The Bible is full of admonitions against nakedness and against disrespect. The Israelites were told to put on holy garments for worship. Christians, whom God has prospered, need to show their gratitude by dressing to respect their King and to show His care for them. We must not follow the prevailing slop-chic culture of this world. Dress does matter because it also effects our manners. The more casually a person is dressed, the easier it is to be casual about other things.

If you look at photographs of the 1800's, the women are dressed up when they go out or in public. Today, the women are the opposite--totally dressed down, if dressed at all. In the 1800's when there was a heat wave, women stayed indoors, and took off their outer clothes and stayed in their rooms in their petticoats and chemises to cool off. they did not wear their underwear in public like they do today. Today they will claim they are hot and uncomfortable, and have to dress in less, but they can, like the women of the past, stay indoors away from the eyes of others, if not fully dressed.

Christians have to take a stand about this dress issue. We have people coming to church in shorts and bra tops and acting as if it is their right, but immodesty does not belong in the church or among church members. Take a stand by dressing your best, and you'll find there are a lot of blessings to follow.

Karen said...

Thank you for the links you provided with this post. Those blogs contain some excellent messages!

Anonymous said...

I found a great article with links about clothes fitting, particularly for sewing. It mentions resources that I was able to check out from my local library, including Nancy Luedtke Zieman's DVD. There is listed a book for plus size fitting, written by a plus-sized lady that is very helpful: Sewing for Plus Sizes: Creating Clothes that Fit and Flatter.

Article Link:

It has been years since I have sewn, and I am in the process of cutting out/sewing an apron for my 3yo daughter, one she can slip over hear head, without ties, the Scalloped Apron pattern from Paisley Pincushion. Then, I will proceed to sew an apron for myself (same pattern (: ). Then, I have some dresses to sew, thank you for the inspiration and pattern suggestions!

Anonymous said...

Dear Lady Lydia, I love your blog!! I wanted to let you and the other ladies to know you can buy beautiful vintage dresses on ebay. I see gorgeous Laura Ashley dresses all the time and other vintage dresses that are just beautiful and about the same cost of buying new. I have so many viintage dresses. I will say vintage dress sizes are smaller than today's sizes. Also, I have reworked sleeves to look more contemporary. I just finished a dress today I purchased. I changed the sleeve from big and poofy(8o's) to a slight poof. I love having sleeves. It seems you can't find a new dress with sleeves anymore. Also, I shop at thrift stores. God bless you!!!!!!!!


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