Sunday, June 03, 2012


English Rose

 Congratulations to the British people for their Queen's Jubilee. One of the purposes of a jubilee celebrations in modern times is to unite a people in celebrating their history, their language, and their religious roots. It is a time to remind a nation of its strength, its honor and the blessings that its people enjoy for being part of that country.

I'm glad she wears pink.

Flags around the world that contain the Union Jack emblem:
Cayman Islands

Grand Union, first U.S. Flag



New Zealand

CSA displays the Union Jack with stars.

Please enjoy Laura's celebration at Decor to Adore.
Watch the Jubilee Flotilla on the Thames here.

JU'BILEE, n. [L. jubilum, from jubilo, to shout for joy; Heb. the blast of a trumpet, coinciding with Eng. bawl, peal, L. pello.]

1. Among the Jews, every fiftieth year, being the year following the revolution of seven weeks of years, at which time all the slaves were liberated,and all lands which had been alienated during the whole period,reverted to their former owners. Thiswas a time of great rejoicing. Hence,
2. A season of great public joy and festivity.
                                                          From the 1828 Dictionary


Anonymous said...

Yes, congratulations to the British people and the Queen. Interesting about the flags!

Farrah said...

Very interesting! I watched the flotilla today on Bbc America. My husband says he doesn't understand the role and the pagentry. I tried to explain being an anglophile but I'm not sure I did a good job.

Finding Joy said...

The Queen certainly knows how to carry out her duty as is expected of her and she does it with dignity and grace. It is wonderful that Great Britain and the Commonwealth still uphold the pageantry that has occurred down the centuries, it is part of British history and it is what makes Britain British.

However my husband is a Welshman and has quite different views on the royal family!

Anonymous said...

The royal family, Farrah, is at the center of the British peoples' consciousness -- like the liberty bell and the constitution and George Washington, for us! And, yes, lots of people have quite different views on the royal family, not all of them invalid! Most of us enjoy watching them -- they are "us" in a vicarious way. Our alter-ego, living perfect lives! Hopefully they do a lot of good with their privileged position. I don't know enough about that.

Anonymous said...

Interesting about the part of the British flag being on so many other flags! I am sure there are a lot more, too.

Lydia said...

She and her husband must be extraordinarily patient. I cannot imagine having so many public ceremonies to listen to or watch. They attend more of those things than most people attend church. Keeping alert during speeches and ceremonies and not letting their minds wander is a skill. But the queen is always dignified in dress, and that I admire. You'd never see her in some of the casual, immodest get-ups that people wear in public. And I think that is what divides the ordinary from the extraordinary.

Finding Joy said...

Anonymous - My flag of Australia carries the Union Jack as we are part of the Commonwealth therefore the Queen of England is also the Queen of Australia that is why we share the Union Jack - it is our link. The Queen also appointed the Head of State for Australia. There are 53 Commonwealth Nations that the Queen heads.

Lydia said...

I will have to find those 53 flags! I wonder if they all have the Union Jack on them!