Saturday, June 16, 2012

My Love to the Australian Visitors

The Arbor
by Emmanuel Phillips Fox, Australian, 1865-1915

I always enjoy the visits to this blog from many Australians. Around noon time here, I see them waking up and hear the little bell ring as each one tunes in to Home Living, via the live feed counter (Feedgit) at the bottom of the page. As I once lived in Australia, namely, Tasmania, (and hope to visit again) I want to honor the Australian lookers by posting paintings by Australian artists of the 18th and 19th centuries.


Sheep Run by Percy Spence, Australian, 1868-1933

Captain Cook Landing at Botony Bay
by Percy Spence, Australian 1868-1933

Postman in the Australian Outback
by Percy Spence

Australian Sheep Farmer
by Clive Uptton

Shearing the Lambs
 by Tom Roberts, Australian, 1856-1931

Australian Native
by Tom Roberts


Trish said...

Lydia, thank you for your kind thoughts toward us Aussies!
Tasmania is a beautiful state and many of us think about moving there for a quieter lifestyle.
I live in rural NSW and the Tassie landscape looked just like 'home' to me.
The paintings are great.
I love the Arbor and The Sheep Run is typical of what I see every day :-)
blessings..Trish xx

Finding Joy said...

Lovely kind thoughts - I'm from Canberra, a city very much mis-understood but a very lovely spot with lots of bush and wildlife!! But grew up on a farm in South Australia.

Lovely paintings - I liked the Sheep Run - to me that one says Australia.

Blessings and may you have a lovely week.

Lydia said...

I would like to know who all the Australians are who visit here. I get several hundred of them in a day.

Unknown said...

How ironic that I come to your site on with this post being right up the top! :-D Hello from New South Wales near Sydney :-)

Lydia said...

Trish, JoLuise, Sheree: Thanks for stopping by. Now I know who three of you are, at least. And I hope people will click on your name and visit you back.

Michelle said...

Hello from Australia, NSW. What a post to cach my eye, I have never commented here before but how could I resist today!

Anonymous said...


A good evening from 'Sunny south Western Sydney as i call it, also a part of the country somewhat misunderstood. Re Canberra, did three and a half years 'hard labour' there back in the early 90's...spent a bit of time in Queanbeyan also - loved the fantastic little cafe in Morrisett street and another in the main drag just near the corner; was always able to buy beautiful skirts, dresses and blouses from 'Serandipity'; wonder if its still there...

Mrs. Elliott.

Lydia said...

Mrs. Elliot, Michelle, and others: I am so glad to know the ones who have been reading and looking for many years, and also see the new ones revealing themselves. I'd love to make friends with you so that when I come to Australia I might have a place to go for a cup of tea.

Lisa said...

Thank you for your special mention to Australian visitors. I am from Sydney, Australia, a stay-at-home mother of two small children. I found your blog a long time ago from the Ladies Against Feminism site.

Thank you also for your encouraging posts, they are so refreshing and inspirational. I pray God will bless your ministry to other women. Lisa

Mae said...

Hello Mrs Lydia,
I am yet another of those Austalians who visits your blog quite a bit:)
I am almost 13, and I find your blog so encouraging. I made several of your sewing projects, and did the pincushion with my little sister. She loved it.
I like to sew dresses,but not whole wardrobes like you-yet.
I sometimes cook for my family to help Mum out and sometimes I use some of your ideas for table setting as well.
I hope you're having a great day {hmm, it might be day over there, here it's 5:00 in the evening} :)

Finding Joy said...

Dear Mrs Elliott - Whilst Canberra may be completely mis-understood (thanks to all those politicians), it really is the most beautiful place to live - the rolling hills, the wildlife, the beautiful parks - I feel blessed every time I go for a drive.

And yes, Queanbeyan also has a bit of a bad name:)

it is lovely to sit here in my little town and "meet" these other ladies - Christian ladies which makes it even more special. So thank very much.

Lynda said...

Hello Lydia - this is my first visit to your blog, but I couldn't resist posting a comment as I live in Tasmania!!

I am visiting my daughter in Brisbane, Queensland at the moment, but will return home to Stanley in TAS on thursday.

Next month I will be moving to Delorainne in TAS.

Where did you live in Tasmania?

I was born in Sydney, but have lived in Tas for nearly 30 years now and it is home to me.

I use to have a blog, and when I get moved and resettled I will start one up again.

Blessings, Lynda

Lydia said...

I lived in the following places in Tasy: Glenorchy, Hobart, Launceston, Smithton, Burnie, Davenport, Cowrie Point, Beauty Point, Triabunna. Our family was part of the Australian govt immigration plan which was promoted in the 1960's by National Geographic. The reason we lived so many places was for several reasons. My father had a business that took him to all those areas for jobs, and when the contract was up, he moved on to the next job.

Anonymous said...

We are very happy to be here! I live in Melbourne now, but Im from Tassie (Hobart). Love the place and will move back one day.

Lydia said...

It is interesting to find out that all the people we grew up with in Tasy now live in either Melbourne or on the Mornington Peninsula. If I went back to Tasy today I would only find about 2 people I knew.

Father's Grace Ministries said...

What a lovely surprise this post was to me!I'm from The Sunshine Coast about an hours drive north of Brisbane in Queensland.

Natasha in Oz said...

G'day from Brisbane in Queensland!

These paintings are beautiful but can you believe that I haven't actually seen some of them-how embarrassing! Thank you for sharing them and for your sweet post about us Aussies!

Best wishes for a wonderful week!
Natasha in Oz!

Anonymous said...


if its still there, when you're next in Queanbeyan, drop in to 'Poet's Corner' for lunch or morning/afternoon tea; at this time of year, if its still there, they'll have their fireplace burning beautifully.

My time in Canbera/Queanbeyan was not the happiest of my life; but little refuges such as 'Poet's corner' etc. In Queanbeyan and Guss's in Civic gave me a place to think and keep sane, especially places like 'Poet's corner' a pot of tea in those lovely surrounds would set me right. Folk from Canberra or Queanbeyan, you'll make the lives of 'outsiders' and 'blow-ins' much better if you practice the hospitality, agape love and Christian charity that dear Lydia writes of here.


Mrs. Elliott,

Carli Thom said...

Thankyou so much!,
I am a stay at home mother of six beautiful children and have been reading your blog for about four years now! My eldest son is now almost sixteen! My husband is in the army so we have been lucky enough to have lived in many parts of Australia, we currently call sunny Queensland home. I grew up with a framed print of "shearing the lambs" on my mothers lounge room wall.
God Bless.. Carlixx