Friday, October 26, 2012

How the West Was Won

Scene at the Signing of the Constitution

While I'd rather sew, I'm interupting this blog with a special plea before the election to watch this video, called "The Grinding Down of America," which describes how communists focus on how to take down a Judeo-Christian culture from the inside.  The West was "won" with the hard work and faith of those who have gone before us. This plan to  infiltrate, dismantle  and replace it with Fabianism/Communism  has been the main focus of the left, (who now call it progressive-ism) since the early 1900's to tear down what makes life bearable and beautiful, and replace it with the misery of Marxism. You will enjoy listening to the New Zealand  and Australian spokesmen who describe the tactics of communism very well.

Disciples of the movement did not want a revolution that could be suppressed by police, so they infiltrated the education system and agitated in places where they could pit the poor against the rich, the young against the old. They know they are not strong enough to split up a unified country, so they split the west into conflicts and chaos. Once the chaos comes, it is so unpleasant, that people will vote for anyone who will promise unity, without checking to see what their agenda really is.  This film reveals the names of people living today who are controlling politics today and are dedicated to communism and leftism.

"They discovered they could do more to destroy our country by infiltrating the education system than by throwing bombs."  Children are taught that government is the solution to all problems. Independence and self-sufficiency is discouraged.

 Because of the foundation of Biblical principles that gave America good success, these things became the target of attack. Feminism was part of that attack, taking away the importance of men in society, and breaking up the home. In the film, Phyllis Schlafly explains the agenda of the feminists, to make homemakers feel they are victims, confined, with limited freedom, etc. to mobilize them out of the home.

 "We are going to destroy the West by infiltrating its culture. We are going to turn their music, their art, and their literature against them," said one of the proponents of cultural marxism. Even if you are very busy, you can at least listen to this film.  I plan to work on my sewing while I listen.  When you are finished, you will be able to make a more informed choice in the coming election. The Grinding Down of America.

Free enterprise, freedom of religion and freedom from oppressive government were the identifying marks of the west. The west was won by the application of Biblical principles of liberty, life and the application of work and reward.

 "A government big enough to give you everything you want, is strong enough to take everything you have." 
Thomas Jefferson 


Anonymous said...

Lady Lydia,
We own this movie and have shared it with many friends. I think one of the great points of this movie is in its title "Agenda, The Grinding Down of America". The author said they would have entitled it "Conspiracy" but it is not something that is being done in secret. There is and has been a publicly known "Agenda" and the group has been steadily working over time, checking items off their list. I also highly recommend this movie. It is well documented and will open your eyes to many amazing topics. I believe it is like not wanting to recognize evil, we don't want to know/admit/recognize that their are people out there who intentionally want to do us harm or make this happen. Thank you for this post - and of course all of your lovely other posts that I so enjoy.

Lydia said...

This is a good film to listen to while cleaning out the fridge or cleaning a closet, a kitchen cupboard, folding laundry, etc. Great for homeschoolers, too.

As for your comment about not wanting to recognize evil, an actor, John Voight, said of the 60's

We were traumatized in the Sixties and all of that behavior — the dancing in circles, the smoking pot and saying "all we need is love" — it was because we couldn't identify evil; we couldn't believe in evil — we didn't want to believe in evil so we just hid from it. It was a very disturbing time ... overwhelmingly, it was a very bizarre, selfish and hedonistic philosophy that wasn't very helpful. It attacked the family — the attack on the family was very severe because not only was there this idea of [indiscriminate love] and that would solve the world's problems, which gave rise to teen pregnancy, but also this idea not to trust anyone over 30. This was from people who were over 30 and bombed out of their minds with every kind of drug they could put into their system. Then there was the romanticization of the drugs — there were people coming out with [pseudo] scientific evidence that [drugs] increase your enlightenment — it was devastating. Today, I find that people look back at that time in a romantic way and that's as dangerous as anything is. It wasn't a romantic time. It was a time of great distortion.

Notice in his quote that they did not want to believe that evil existed so they just hid from it. Today we have a Jesus invented the hippie movement, that is only a warm, fuzzy soft cuddly friend who has no requirements, no standards for us to live by. Today there are just such people who will not accept the way of life He really taught and it is largely because of the attitude that we can just ignore evil.

lynn M said...

Lydia....I appreciate your commentary here....and the John Voight's all true.
Now i will see the movie....and let all know what i think about it.
Blessings....we need them.

Anonymous said...

Thank you. The movie was both interesting and alarming. I already knew how I was going to vote, and this has just confrimed my decision.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Lady Lydia. I've sent this to family members so they can read it. My husband, especially, really likes Jon Voight, & will be interested to read what he has to say.


Lydia said...

Brenda you can find that quote on Wikopedia, along with a description of Jon Voight's political views.

Anonymous said...


Just at the moment you publish this article and film recommendation upon your blog, the consequences of said agenda are being discussed on similarly minded blogs (in this instance concerning the sexual revolution and persecution of Christian 'Bed and Breakfast' owners in the UK for refusing to allow a homosexual couple to book a room together). Their insight was so well articulated, I dare to reprint here, knowing we are in good company.
Here is the blog article.
here is the excellently presented comment.

The sexual revolution did not spring, full-blown, in the 1960′s, like Athena from the head of Zeus. One has to look for the pre-cursors in the unfortunate repercussions of a vaguely defined civil rights movement that started in the post-WWII climate of youthful exuberance. Modern sexual license really began in the post-WWI climate (the Roaring Twenties), but went underground in the Depression Era (amazing how self-control correlates with having to focus on other things). It reared its ugly head in the post-WWII climate for the very

(cont'd)same reasons as the 1920′s: the

Anonymous said...


disaffection of youth coupled with a rise in secularism (especially in philosophy). During the Wars, many youth had their faith tested and their faith caved as they watched the horrors of war unfold in front of them. They brought this disaffected mentality back with them. Life became a, “live for today,” proposition instead of a, “plan for the future,” thing – leading to a sort of perpetual neoteny (your new word for the day). The need to expend this energy led to the formation of suburbia for some and a sort of disengagement with society (such as with the Beat movement) for others.

When the Civil Rights movement began in earnest in the late 1950′s, there were plenty of people willing to take ups its cause, but because many of the people lacked a clear focus for their energy, the movement began to gather momentum in other areas (such as relegating sex to being a civil right to pleasure) – it overrode its initial focus on restoring dignity to Blacks and began to insist on giving “dignity” to any group that claimed oppression .

…and here we stand – “civil rights” has become a cover for any sort of foolish, childish ranting by anyone who can’t get their own way."

Any student of history will see the unfurling of this wretched plan from the late 19th century onwards. Some set its date as early as 1776 (that gave impetis for the French genocide (oh, 'Revolution') of 1798, the 'Paris Commune' of the 1870's thence on into our own time.

If one reads 'Brideshead Revisited' by Evelyn Waugh, written in the late 1940's immediately following WWII, set in the 1920's, within its fictional tale, Waugh adeptly presents the mindset spoken of above, and reitterated for US consumption within Lydia's film recommendation.

furthermore, Aldous Huxley foretold our own time in a chillingly prophetic work penned eighty years ago (1932) entitled 'Brave new World' that, apart from a few surface technical differences, could well be speaking of our current age. Are we doomed to live as prisoners of such a tyranny until Christ returns? Some say yes; some say no, both cite scripture to back up their position. I tend to believe that our Lord will deliver us from this for a final, beautiful evangelisation that some refer to as 'The latter reign of the Holy Spirit', and others refer to as the 'triumph of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ'. the house of cards created by those who seek to shape society after their own distorted twistings and rejections of Holy Truth is unsustainable and I believe, already on the verge of collapse; yet a little while, fellow readers, yet a little while. One final thought; read 'Shall the Religious Inherit the Earth' by Eric Kauffman (SP) which I have spoken of here previously. god will out, dear readers, God will out, and this time of liberal oppression is nearing its end.


Lydia said...


Since there has always been two sides of life in every era (the good and the evil)throughout history, I tend to view current events in a historical sense. The atrocities of today will be history, and every generation thinks theirs is the worst and predicts doomsday. I believe that we are here for a purpose: to spread the gospel rescue souls from the way of life that is contrary to the teaching of our Lord, so that they will be ready to meet Him. It is important, as you wrote, to understand that the deterioration of the family did not begin in the 1960's. Some historians say that the 1920's rebellion was worse than the 1960's, but not having much familiarity with that era, most people think that the 1960's was worse.

Anonymous said...


"I believe that we are here for a purpose: to spread the gospel rescue souls from the way of life that is contrary to the teaching of our Lord, so that they will be ready to meet Him. "

Amen, Sister!!