Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Candidates

The Declaration of Independence
by John Trumbull  1756-1843

"A few short weeks will determine the political fate of America for the present generation and probably produce no small influence on the happiness of society through a long succession of ages to come. Should every thing proceed with harmony and consent according to our actual wishes and expectations; will be so much beyond anything we had a right to imagine......, that it will demonstrate as visibly the finger of Providence, as any possible event in the course of human affairs can ever designate it."  - George Washington to the Marquis De Lafayette, 1788

It is not too late to get acquainted with the Constitution Party .  There will be a third party debate with these candidates on the 23rd of October, if you care to watch or listen.   There are candidates from the Constitution Party, in many states.   The one on the ballot in Oregon is Will Christensen. Look for the Constitution candidate for your state.  Here is what they stand for:

Principle 1: Life
We believe in Divine Providence and recognize our Creator as the author of human life.  Thus, we believe in the absolute sanctity of human life.
The first duty of civil government is the protection of innocent human life from conception until natural death, no exceptions.  When government sanctions abortion, then all lives are at risk.
Principle 2: Liberty
Far from granting license to ‘do whatever we want’, true liberty comes from God and real freedom is born of self-government.  With James Madison, we assert the precious American ideal which set our country apart from other nations…
“We have staked the whole future of American Civilization, not upon the power of government, far from it.  We have staked the whole future …upon the capacity of each of us to govern ourselves, according to the ten commandments of God.”
Principle 3: Family
Our Creator set in place the family as the first divinely instituted form of government.
It is the duty of civil government to recognize and protect the authority of the family unit.
When the state usurps the family’s authority, the hearts of the children are turned to the state, rather than to the fathers. Such socialist actions deny the created order and harm our communities.
Principle 4: Property
We believe that the right of individuals to own and steward their property is God given; established in such commandments as “Thou shalt not steal” and “Thou shalt not covet.”
We encourage private generosity, but oppose the forced transfer of one’s wealth to others by the state.
We believe that loss of ‘external’ property rights leads to the loss of ‘internal’ rights of personal conscience.  It was James Madison who said,  “Conscience is the most sacred of all property.”
Principle 5: The Constitution
In these United States, our Constitution established a representative federal republic – which represents the sovereignty of the people under God over the state.
Our founders purposed that the Constitution would uphold those ideals expressed in our Declaration of Independence, as the law of the land, and limit the power and scope of the federal government.
Principle 6: Limited Government
Our desire is to return the federal government to its constitutional boundaries.
The 10th Amendment, in our Bill of Rights, strictly limits the federal government to those jurisdictions specifically stated within the Constitution.
As a principle, our founders sought to ensure the duties of civil government always be performed at the lowest possible level.  Local elected officials and clerks are more directly accountable to the people.
Principle 7: Sovereignty
We are firmly committed to the protection of our borders, our trade and our common defense. We believe that America is to be the friend of liberty everywhere, but the guarantor and provisioner of ours alone.
We oppose membership in the United Nations and any other treaty or affiliation that attempts to assert authority over our Constitution or bypass our sovereign citizens’ constitutionally elected representatives.
Many people are fooled into believing that they are limited to voting for only the candidates chosen by two major parties, and that their vote will be "wasted" if the vote for a third party. Consider voting for what is right, and letting God take care of the rest, and seeing if he will not pour out a blessing from the windows of heaven.  Look for the Constitutional candidate on your ballot. Go here and see the map, to click on the state of your choice and click on the website of each state, to see who the candidate is.

We are not a "two party" nation by law. Other parties have a right to be heard.

For deeper reading on this subject,  there is an interesting discussion called "Neither Romney Nor Obama."

The debate was organized by the Free and Equal Elections Foundation, which has criticized the debates between Democratic President Barack Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney for excluding third-party candidates and coming off as too programmed. 
Organizers say at-home viewers will be encouraged to submit real-time questions on the social media like Twitter, where they'll get King's attention with the "AskEmThisLarry" hashtag.

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dora said...

Sadly, the media always makes these elections look like a two horse race, and you never hear about other potential candidates.

But, since the media is biased anyway, what else should we expect?

I live in England, so, no I won't be voting. If I could, I would never vote for any of the two mainstream candidates.

However, the Consitution Party would definately get my vote.

God bless.

Unknown said...

America needs to worry about America. Our founding fathers were God fearing people. It might sound old fashion but there was a better balance, not perfect, with family life and society. Men weren't worried about what was happening at home b/c women were taking care of business. And children weren't confused. God take care of us.

Anonymous said...

Such important information you just gave us....!!!

Anonymous said...

I saw here that "for some odd reason, Russia will be listening to the constitutional party debate." The world is watching us and the world would love to vote in our elections. This is because they know what the cause of communism and marxism is, and they see Americans falling for it, in the guise of freedom. We can change the entire election and surprise the media and all the liberals by voting for the constitution party candidate in our states, and every constitution candidate we see on our ballots. Ladies, lets make that change.

Anonymous said...

I agree: the two parties are essentially the same, belong to the same clubs and have the same goals, and fall into the hands of those who will take power over the US. So let's all vote the constitution party candidates on the ballots, and even if there is no constitution president, at least the winner will have to deal with all those constitution party senators and representatives.

Laura Smith said...

Thank you for the information. Im in Texas and now I have an alternative canidate for president.

amulbunny's random thoughts said...

I've already voted but was surprised to see Roseanne Barr of TV fame as a candidate.

I believe one of my children is voting green while the rest of us voted for the man we believe to be the best.

This campaign has been one of the worst I can remember, racism, lies, acts of vandalism, and so many unfounded fears. I thought this country was sophisticated enough to accept a man on his accomplishments and not the color of his skin, but I was sadly wrong.


Anonymous said...

I too watch the election run-up from England because American elections effect us in the rest of the world. Obama has been disastrous.

Anonymous said...


This dog and pony show will be on within our own shores in Aus next year. I pray the US voting public find some sense, and do not continue to block God's will for the good order of society.

In aus, each third party option (on the whole) alligns itself preferentially to either the Liberal National Coalition (the closest thing we have to a conservative party) or the Australian Labor Party (whose unofficial running mate is the greens party). if everyone, for instance, voted for a third party option such as the Democratic Labor party (read about the amazing B. A. Santamaria and his work), the Citizens' Electoral Council, or the Democrats (another tragic casualty of the two party system - our Democrats are/were nothing like the US Democrats - read about the equally amazing late Don Chip), said party still would not be able to put their leader into position; our country is run a little differently than the US; we are a Federal Democracy (that is a part of a constitutional monarchy) as opposed to a Presidential democracy under a republic.

We need to support our members of Parliament who genuinely espouse the truths of jesus Christ and seek to have said ideals lived out in the public square/national legislation - prior to 1967, laws for everything from legislative enforcement of Prov 31/Titus 2: 4-9 re exclusion of married women remaining in the Public Service to the nature of marriage and everything in between could be traced back to a Bible-based truth which lay at the heart of said legislation. Nowadays, the vast majority of political, intellectual, academic and media commentators/teachers/thinkers liken this former era to living 'under the Talliban', only too glad to be free of such moral constrictions and norms - read Psalm 2, and Psalm 14 to see a Biblical parallel to their attitude amongst the 'unbelievers'.

Each and every one of us who both believes and lives out biblical truth in our church, local and family community is a candle flame in a sea of darkness; the more flames we have, the less the dark will triumph until through Christ's power, said darkness is overcome.

Thank you Lybid for bravely and unflaggingly standing up for Christ's truth in a post Christian West.

Anonymous said...

Rosanne Barr? This seems strange. I may be out of it, but wonder if she has ever voiced a political opinion or that she has talked about running for president. I wonder how many votes she will get.

Anonymous said...

Until now, I have not heard a word about the Contitution Party for this election! You have done us all a great service, Lydia. Bless you. I would love to vote that party in, but have fear if too many vote for it, Obama will be in again.

Anonymous said...

There is a popular rumor that you will "waste" your vote if you do not vote for "the lesser of two evils." Read Laura Wood's post and the link on Lydia's post, which explains this erroneous belief. It is better to vote for the Constitution party which stands for the right things, than to vote for the big two, who are very much the same.

Anonymous said...

Tommorrow, people can tweet Larry King ("Ask em this Larry) questions they want asked of the candidates. I have already looked at the existing tweets and it is interesting none of them are about health care. No one was actually in any kind of uproar about healthcare in the first place. It was placed in the public eye by the politicians who created a controversy over it. And the tweets are about important issues that the two parties did not fully address.

Remember we are not a two party system by law. Other candidates are viable and need to be heard.