Monday, December 24, 2012

Greetings For A Winter's Eve

Sharing some scenes around here tonight:

From the English Holly Tree on the south side of the land.

Though it looks sunny and bright, it is cold outside. Look at the end of this post for more about this coat I am wearing.

A wee spot of hot tea .

The peacock knocks on the door with his beak, and has been known to walk in if the door is ajar.

I like the new shatterproof chocolate brown ornaments. 

Happy Christmas Eve to all my lovely viewers,


P.S. I'm not trying to advertise, but I wanted to tell you about this coat from Walmart. It has an elastic belt around the middle and it is very slimming. It comes in black and brown. I was amazed at how warm it was and how it cut blast of the wind. It is also quite waterproof. Most quilted coats will allow water to sink in, but after hanging up the jacket the water never penetrated it at all. I found it so warm that I was unable to wear layers or sweaters under it, so be aware of that. Just unzipping it helps you to cool, and wearing it outside is just wonderful. It is called Faded Glory Woman's Faux Fur Puffer coat. Be aware if you are looking for this that there are several that look like it, that are not quite the same and don't have the same slimming look. Some of them do not have the same length . This one has a length that goes easily over the hips. You might also find with this kind of coat that you can wear a smaller size, since it runs kind of big.  I liked this coat so much I went back and bought two more for other people. All the women I bought this coat for, wore it to church. It also looks very dressy.

If you do get one, it will need a scarf to tie around the neck, and you'll need a warm knit hat. The hood does not button and will not stay snug on your head. I sew, and am able to add a piece of velcro at the neck to make the hood stay on, but you might do the same thing with a scarf. In spite of that one flaw with the hood, I would still recommend this jacket. It is warm and it feels very ladylike.

To keep it feeling new and warm, I only spot clean it with a damp cloth, rather than put in in the washer and dryer.

In the photograph, the boots you see also came from Walmart, and while most boots over the years have been very hard to wear indoors (they can make feet too hot) these are wonderful outdoors and in, and very comfortable. I hardly know I am wearing them. Great for bike riding too. (Bicycles, tricycles or Suzuki's ;-)


Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Lady Lydia you are such an encouragement to me!

Julie Perry said...

Merry Christmas! Your blog is a a breath of fresh air.

Anonymous said...

I really like the coat and what a bargain ($20)! But it looks like no coat for me - out of stock online and out of stock in my local stores :-(.

Lydia said...

I did not expect it would already be so popular. It was not really cheap in the stores, but I suspect the minute a lady tried one on, she was probably sold on it. It feels so good
I noticed online it was only 19 dollars . If you are really interested, you could find other walmarts and see if any are in stock.

Lydia said...

I normally don't like those kinds of jackets because they dont look very feminine and never fit well, but this was a keeper.

Anonymous said...

The coat looks lovely on you! You always look so nice in your photos-I've always wanted to ask you about your hairstyles. My hair is short and has been forever. Every time I attempt to grow it out it just looks horrible and people tell me so-even my own Mom said I should never let it grow long because it looks so bad on me. I really would like my hair to look more feminine but I just don't know what to do. I feel so droopy when it starts to grow --some advice would be appreciated!!

Lydia said...

f you have thin hair and want to really style it, and you really WANT long hair, then grow it. Then find a hairdresser or a friend who knows about creating something that is called "messy up-do's".

You can see some of them demonstrated on you tube. There are also some Victorian and edwardian hairstyles on you tube that are similar to messy up-do's.

Basically is is a hair style that is created to give volume to your hair so it can be styled.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the hair advice!

Anonymous said...

I think I bought the same boots you have - one pair of brown and one in black, and they go with everything I own. Love them!

Some people are brainwashed about keeping hair short to keep it healthy, or "professional", or make women look "younger", and they will never leave you alone about your decision to grow your hair out. Just decide not to listen to their advice. You will find it hard to find women anymore who encourage you to keep your hair long. Some women will never stop mocking your "mop", so do it just to say that you can!

Anonymous said...

Also, one more thing is that hair often doesn't look really nice while you are in the in-between stage of growing it from short to long. You have to endure this stage - that can even last a year or two, until your hair starts to look really gorgeous and long. People often can't get through this stage, and keep going back and forth between shaggy and safe.

Anonymous said...

Well said. They also tell you that if you are over 30 you should have short hair. I've heard all the "You've got such a cute face and should have short hair" comments, but it is not true. If you want long hair (only if you want it), and "have a cute face" or are over thirty, and feel you need to make it look short, just learn to twist it and pin it up with mini claw clips and it looks short. Long hair is versatile that way. Short hair can't look long.