Monday, January 28, 2013

Foggy Afternoon Tea

Fog in Appalachia

Today the Afternoon Tea consisted of avocado-egg sandwiches and oat shortbread, accompanied by the most exquisite hot chocolate-hazelnut (filbert) tea.  As you can see by the picture at the start of this post, I'm really trying to figure out shiny ways to mark certain hours of the day, even though I am calling this my "foggy afternoon tea."  Often in a foggy place, 4 a.m. looks exactly the same as 4 p.m. and even in warmer climes there are a great number of these kinds of days surrounded by the white puff of fog.  Morning or afternoon tea makes a fine "marker" for such days.

For a different type of sandwich, I put my daily bread dough in this mini-loaf pan. I have to say that the bread turned out much softer and  better done, than when made as a large loaf, and it has a pastry-like texture and taste; most pleasing. Before the second rising, after I had patted the loaves into the pans, I whisked the yolk of an egg and brushed each loaf. That is the way to make the bread nice and golden brown on the top. However, since these are home grown chicken eggs, the yolks were a deep yellow.

There is no doubt that tea time improves the mood and creates a renewed interest in work and creative endeavors.

After buttering both sides of the bread which was sliced from a tiny loaf, I added sliced avocado and a slice of boiled egg, with salt. (Click on the link to find out about the delicious salt I use.)

When you haven't the "foggiest" idea what to serve for an impromptu afternoon tea, take a second look at the ingredients you used for breakfast: hard boiled eggs, crunchy bacon, cheese, crepes, scones, and even pancakes can be made into tea foods. And, if you are trying to cut down on the amount of food you consume during the day, try cutting a bite size piece of each tea food, and drink more tea. 

Here is the Stash tea I used, and it was reported that it tasted especially great with the oatmeal shortbread. 


Antiques And Teacups said...

What a lovely, and tasty tea! I love your little loaf cute! The sandwiches look delicious. Haven't tried that tea, will be looking for it. I love your pretty tea cup!

Mrs Honeybee said...

The boys were having a grand time making a mess in the kitchen before I got up the pluck to transfer them into the bathroom. While they're happily splashing in the bathtub, I found your post and decided to make myself a nice, hot cocoa drink to calm down my nerves.. I'd never thought of having pancakes for tea time. I think I'm going into the kitchen now and make ourselves a nice batch!

Eve | Inchworm Chronicles said...

We have lovely foggy mornings here, and sometimes it lasts all day. It was nice to see a photo that looks a little like our home, too :-)

The loaves of bread made my mouth water! I think its time to get back in the kitchen and bake something fun with the kids.

Have a lovely week!

Julian said...

The sandwhich looks yummy!Ill have to try the tea. Very creative with the bread!
Oat shortbread sounds good too!

Snap said...

Avocado egg sandwiches sound so good. A lovely tasty tea you have invited us to! I really like Stash tea. They have some lovely sounding *brews*! Happy Tea Day!

sandy said...

Everything looks so yummy...the tea, bread, sandwiches. And your teacup is lovely! That's quite a fog you have there.
Have a wonderful week!
sandy :)

Anonymous said...

I never thought of having tea on a foggy afternoon.
Your tea is perfect and your homemade bread looks delicious.

On certain days the mist rises out of our field and is quite thick. It waters the ground and everything growing in the field. It feels so good on the skin, I love walking in it.

Thank you for sharing. It blessed me.

Mrs. J.