Monday, June 17, 2013

A Street in Kyneton, Victoria

Please listen while you view photos.

My last day in Victoria was spent at Angoby's guest house, where I made a huge batch of scones for Angela. (That is not Angoby's in the picture. It is one of the interesting houses on Lauriston Street where Angela Aaltink, owner of Angoby's lives.) 
The house, above, was a private home but looked like it had once been a shop.
Thse are all private homes on one old street, but it appears that a few of them were public places.

I took a walking tour down her little street of cottages and got pictures to satisfy my fence-fetish.

Of course I found some unique mail-boxes.
The fences usually matched the color scheme of the houses.
Tin roofs were abundant all over Victoria and l liked the color of this one in contrast to the roses on the fence.
The roof photo is for you architect and designer-people.
This one could use some work.

Love the fret-work, wrought iron lace at the roof, and the rose bushes on this one.

Lovely color combo.
Color of fence matches house colors.
This could be anywhere, USA with the butte in the middle of the field. I dont thing they call them buttes (pro nounced beaut, but they look just like the ones here in Oregon.

I could not resist taking a photo of someone's timer collection.
And here is the preacher's wife with me, wearing one of those hand-knit curly scarves that were so prevalent here. She is English and kept me supplied with all kinds of tea, including an almond flavor that was out of this world.

I cannot remember which beach this was that I visited with one of my baby brothers. They are all baby brothers, since I am the eldest of the bunch.
Fabric from Spotlight called Wintella. I sewed it within hours of getting it. I am going to cut it down to a skirt, later.

Scarves everywhere in malls and shops.
Here is one I made to go with my coat, by making a casing and inserting elastic, half the lenth of the strip, which makes it curl.

Me with one of my baby bros. In the book I wrote about our childhood "Just Breathing the Air" is a photograph of him as a little boy, wearing one white boot and one black boot. In a large family, we were just happy if everyone had socks and boots and shoes and did not get too fussy about which ones they were.

And today, even though he is a fireman and an electrician and businessman, this is what he still does. The die was cast.
I got to use a brand new Janome to sew my new dress that I wanted to wear on the flight home. I chose a dress because I did not want anything around my waist to tug at during the long time of sitting. Later, I will make a skirt from it.

One more look at the galahs and the floral colors which I was never able to replicate in fabric.
I took a photo of a quilting magazine at someones house.

Here I am with Angela whom I met when we were both 16. I remember when her mother brought her to our house to see me and how calm and friendly and accepting she was.

I think this is the Balnarring beach. It sure was cold. Another one of my cute baby bros. brought me here but I cannot find his picture.
That is all for now. I still do not have jet lag but I sure do miss everyone so I will have go to back next year and check up on everyone.


LadyLydia said...

Sorry I had to add word verification, but I could several thousand spam comments and hopefully this will stop it.

Lillibeth said...

Uncle Bob's Socks are so funny.
Your readers may want to know that if they have a hard time understanding the word verification words, there is a little grey "refresh" button under the words (the round arrow thing) that will bring up a new set. If they are still hard to read, you can keep refreshing until you get a set that is understandable.

Lillibeth said...
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Magnolia Tea said...

The pictures are lovely. I especially like the one of you and your brother and the one of you at Balnarring Beach. Thank you for sharing your trip with us.

A few months ago I read on someone else's blog that if you set the "who can comment" setting for your blog to "registered users only", spam will be and has been eliminated by 99.9%. All my regular commenters have had no trouble nor the new ones.

LadyLydia said...

I will do that.

Anonymous said...

I LOVED the pic of your brother's mismatched socks.

The music was a wonderful touch, so relaxing whilst I perused your lovely photos.

And in the last pic you look like a Susan Rios painting. :)

Farrah said...

Did you make it home safely?

lynn m said...

while strolling through your lovely pictures tonight, I turned on your music and my cat and I both got very soothed by it. She is now soundly asleep and I am quite relaxed ...thank you for adding that lovely touch to your tour for us.

lynn m said...

It was also interesting to see all the various fences and the cute little houses...small is beautiful. Your brother was very funny with his mismatched socks....and the shot of you both together is a real 'keeper'. Very sweet. Your old friend too was very nice to see with you...I am very glad for you that you have had this trip. I was originally worried about your going, but I see now I had nothing to be concerned about. You were in a little bit of heaven while there. I know you are so glad you could go.

lynn m said...

Your family and friends there must really miss you. You WILL have to return!

Deanna said...

Lovely post!

Trish said...

Lydia, it's been such fun seeing our country through your eyes!
As for your brother's hubby does exactly the same.
He thinks no-one can see them when he wears his jeans..but everyone can tell that he doesn't worry about matching his socks up!
And yes, I do roll them into pairs before putting them in his drawer.


lynn m said...

very comical that your husband makes the effort to defuse your matching rolled up socks~


Anonymous said...

Hello there! I was just exploring your blog and getting to know you a bit, but these pictures and another post you wrote on has me very confused about something.

That picture of you hugging your "baby" brother? How can that be? You look so very much younger than him?

In fact, all the pictures of you are so youthful!

And then I read in another post about the fact that your husband is almost 70. Are you considerably younger than him?

I hope this isn't all too personal, but if that really is you in those pictures, then you are truly blessed with a youthful appearance, otherwise I am confounded!:)

LadyLydia said...

Hello, the camera has been nice to me. I am 8 years younger than my husband. I think he looks young too. I am the oldest of 6 children and was told I looked younger than all of them but it is possible that I have lived a more protected life out here in the sticks and have been had less stress. If you are interested in being more youthful I can write about it in a future post.

Anonymous said...

What a blessing to look so lovely!

Thank you for answering that question. It was a bit awkward trying to determine the best way to ask!

Others tell me I look young for my age as well. I, too, live a slower pace of life and live most of my days at home as a wife and mother.

Perhaps that is our "secret" elixir:)

LadyLydia said...

Home making poses different kinds of stress than working with the public, and many homemakers have said they feel a lot younger since they have come home permanently. Working outside the home is very tiring and taxing. Rest is an integral part of staying youthful, and happiness is a factor. Doing your duty is an important part of being happy, and there are spiritual aspects that contribute a great deal to being young.You cannot go around with huge burdens of sin and you must make Jesus your best friend.

LadyLydia said...

Youthfulness can be lost when you take things really really hard and cant recover from them. You have to practice rising up from every setback until nothing daunts you anymore ; you have to get a can-do attitude and be a possibility thinker; you cant drink or smoke because it ages your skin, and you definitely cant burn the candle at both ends.

Anonymous said...

I love this: "You have to practice rising up from every setback until nothing daunts you anymore ; you have to get a can-do attitude and be a possibility thinker;"

Honestly, without Christ in my life, I might be in despair and have lost my youthfulness, due to ongoing health issues. But keeping my eyes fixed on Jesus has made a big difference between being in a pit, and "rising up", as you have so put it!

Have a blessed weekend!


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