Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Scenic Wedding Setting

My husband officiates at many weddings throughout the year. It is impossible for me to attend every one of them, but a few days ago I was able to go to an outdoor wedding and events center for a wedding. It was close to my home so I took my camera and was very happy that I got there early and could get some photos of the land.

This landscaping was so artistic and I got some ideas for things I would like to do on the land surrounding my little house.

A bridge across the little creek was decorated with hanging led-light balls that glowed more as it grew darker.

The wedding was a western theme, with these candle lanterns.

Another view of the picket-fence bridge.


The gazebo
Closer look at that lighted ball.
Reception tables
Potting shed
From the wedding property could be seen the wheat land with a house roof peeking up over the hedge of trees.

A look at one corner of the land as the light began to fade.



One of the children picked this bunch of flowers from my own garden. I thought it looked like the print of the 18th century painting in the frame.


Getting adjusted to the routine of home is a challenge after being so off schedule for two months. I still have not unloaded my suitcase because I launched right into homemaking. You probably have read at the Pleasant Times blog that Lillibeth has been in the hospital and is recovering here at home.



Magnolia Tea said...

What an absolutely gorgeous spot for a wedding. I love all the landscaping, especially the bridge. Thank you for sharing the pictures.

Michelle said...

I love the photos. It's just beautiful for a wedding. Hope Lillibeth is restored to full health real soon.

lynn m said...

Lydia, you really do take very good photographs. So glad you did so at the wedding spot.
I am sorry to learn Lillibeth was in the hospital...hope it was not too serious for her.

lynn m said...

I forgot to comment on your little bouquet of flowers and the really beautiful old painting....to see them together is a nice thing...very calming to view. Glad you poseted both like that.

anonymous said...

Such a serene setting, makes one want to sit, contemplate and have a cup of tea. A nice spot to get away from stress.

Thank you for sharing and glad you were able to go there for a while.

Mrs. J.

Anonymous said...

That is a gorgeous venue for a wedding. So peaceful and tranquil.

I also love your pic of the wildflowers next to the framed postcard. You're right, they go together perfectly.

I sure hope Lillibeth is recovering well and feeling better every day.

living from glory to glory said...

Hello, So glad that you're home! You're a comfort to so many. The sweet flowers were worth more than ten dozen roses. Thanks for your pictures!
Blessings, Roxy


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