Saturday, June 22, 2013

Egg Cups

A few curious souls wrote to ask me what this unusual shape of dishware was that I bought in Victoria, Australia a few weeks ago. I have been looking for these for decades, and even the Australians did not know what I was talking about, but I found them in several shops on the Mornington Peninsula. One of the shops was in a shopping centre in the town of Karingal. I do not remember the name of the shop, but this floral pattern was featured on many pieces of dinnerware. I would love to be able to order these. There are no markings or names or brands on any of it.

To eat an egg properly, place the wide end of a boiled egg down into the cup, with the narrow end out. Then tap lightly around the top with the edge of the spoon, cracking the egg all around.

Gently lift the top part from the egg by inserting the spoon into the circular crack you just made.

Salt the egg in the cap, scoop it out and eat it, and then salt the egg in the cup, spooning it out and salting the bites as you eat.

You can have either a hard boiled or a soft boiled egg, and enjoy eating it out of the shell, in an egg cup.



Joluise said...

I love mine runny with soldier toast to dip into the runny egg.

anonymous said...

Hi Lydia,

wonderful find! I had no idea eggcup sets came with matching spoons.

I've an idea that you might find egg cups and sets in your favorite pattern at

This company scours the globe for vintage and modern dinnerware including china, crystal and silverware.

Happy hunting, Mrs. J.

lynn m said...

I thought I had posted!
Well, then, maybe daughter and mom went to Ireland...while there at a bed and breakfast ordered soft-boiled eggs for breakfast. They took the sides of their spoons to crack the shell for the purpose of scooping out the eggs and to put them into the provided egg cups. While in the middle of their work, the waitress took one look at them and sort of screemed,"WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!!!" She had never seen the American way of getting into a boiled egg was comical!

amulbunny's random thoughts said...

My 1st stepdad loved eggs in cups. He had to have the yolk still running so when he dipped it out of the egg, he could it smear it all over his toast. That was my first experience with eggs in cups. Up to then we ate scrambled eggs in my family. Took me years to eat a fried egg.

The cups are lovely.

Anonymous said...

That is so pretty that it makes me wish i liked boiled eggs!

Sharon said...

These are frequently seen in old 30 and 40s movies. They had the actors play so refined - like the women wearing evening gowns in nearly every scene. Thanks for showing this. I've always thought it would be nice to have egg cups, too. Very nice.


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