Saturday, June 01, 2013

City Lights, Tea with Another Friend and Pretty Antiques


Tonight I attempted to get some of the lights around the peninsula on camera.
taken from a place called Portsea on a very cloudy night. I am not familiar enough with the ipad camera to be able to take night time pictures.


City lights in the distance.
On a peninsula like this one. You can see another city from just about anywhere, and various points like this one, above, have parking area where you can see another city from that vantage.

The park manager's family has been a great help and work hard to maintain the grounds and facilities here, plus constantly waiting on me at the office and shop for my many requests. Today, Saturday, Jo drove me to the train tea room, where we ate toasted sandwiches and drank cups of tea served from a teapot. Jo told me I was old enough to be her mother. She lost her mother to illness when she was just 18.

Jo also had a frothy cinnamon drink.


Jo was interested in looking at the Tyabb Packing House antique store and she liked the same things I liked.











lynn said...

So glad your new friend has you as her new 'mother'. She will be blessed with knowing you. Your pink cardigan goes really well with the pink floral dress you made. And love your necklace!!! I think we all will want to take home those beautiful teacup sets and all that pink chinaware...the cupboard of glassware is amazingly gorgeous too...I think you are definitely
having a grand time!
Your shots of the night views were nice and you have such a lovely 'spirit' that shows too.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! Those teacups are GORGEOUS.....I'll take one of each, please. :)

lynn said...

By the way, you may BE old enough to be Jo's mother, but you don't look in the least old enough to be Jo's mother. (smile!)Maybe sisters?

Gayle said...

I noticed that the tea sets seem to all have matching toast racks,so cute!

Carlotta said...

As someone who has lost the Motherly influence on my life, I would say that the few times a women around my Mother's age has been kind or Motherly to me have been great blessings.

That is probably what she meant.

Lisa said...

Oh, what's not to like??? Beautiful things.


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