Thursday, October 17, 2013

A Beautiful Day

It has been a pleasant day that began with a soft morning mist. I have been trying to get my china cabinet in order, and have found some autumn tea cups.
The paper doilies are leaf shapes from the dollar store. They help the cup sit still and not wriggle on the saucer, as well as absorbing the drips and spills.
Two other colors of those leaves.

The most autumny looking cups I have.

Someone at the grocery store asked me what I have been doing these days. I replied: dishes, laundry, floors, meals, and more."


I have been enjoying the apple crop,

...not only for eating, but the brightness of them in various containers.







Stephanie said...

Oh how lovely! The tea cups are simply stunning and certainly invite you to want to have a cup of tea :) And the paper doilies add a very pretty finishing touch. Thank you for sharing such prettiness with us. I trust you are doing well and enjoying your Autumn.

Hugs and blessings to you!

anonymous said...

I agree with Stephanie, those little Autumn colored doilies look great with the tea light candle and the beautiful tea cups. So inviting.

The sun on your tree is gorgeous too. Hope you are saving those leaves to fertilize your garden with.

Mrs. J.

LadyLydia said...

Janet, the country scenes must be lovely out there where you love.

LadyLydia said...

ladies, my house work has temporarily escalated and that is why it seems all I can do on the blog is put up a short post with pictures. I say temporary, but I am downsizing my home goods, and it is taking longer than I think if I did not have to stop for meals and laundry or various other obligations, I could get a straight run at it and get it over with. I hope to have more time to put up some thoughtful posts.

Sharon said...

It's easy to see you live in apple country! You have the prettiest freshest apples shown here than I think I've ever seen! I like how your pumpkin display turned out with the wooden wagon. All the pictures are very nice and encouraging.

Anonymous said...

Your tea table has a lovely Autumn glow! You teally have a gift for putting simple things together to create a really welcoming look.


Joluise said...

I grew up on an apple orchard and we had apples all through apple season. My mother was very clever at dreaming up uses for apples and she had many different ways of cooking and eating apples. Very pretty outdoor scene.


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