Thursday, October 10, 2013



A pretty porch scene


As I gain more experience in homemaking I find various aspects of contentment. Comfort is one source,

as well as homey activities,

and the pleasantness of beauty,

Another fine porch.
with order, or at least in the process of creating order.
No matter how much there is to do, I find it is good to stop for a moment of quiet reflectiveness. This is my tea table today.
I found a pink Cinderella type pumpkin today,
And now I need just the right hue of pink fabric to make a table runner to match it, but getting the pumpkin to Joann's for a comparison could be a problem. This is a heavy pumpkin. I am loving it on my table, and hope to get seeds for next year.

This is a natural centerpiece with things collected from the land.

Views of a nearby river. As I looked at it, I remembered
A lot of river songs: Shall We Gather at the River, Just Beyond the Rolling River, Yonder Over the Rolling River.











Tricia said...

What a lovely post! I think it is SO important to take a break from our work for tea! I find contentment in the looking at the comfort I have created for my family! By the way, I have the same tea light pot warmer! They are getting difficult to find these days!

anita crane said...

Lovely. As always :) I adore the 4 matching teacups in different colors! Beautiful!

anonymous said...

Loved your post today and that pretty pink Cinderella Pumpkin is really beautiful. I like the white ones with the cones also.

I can no longer drink real tea with caffeine so have started drinking herbal teas for my afternoon tea time. Its just as pleasant.

Have been enjoying the change in the season and all the Autumnal colors I see here in Oregon. Coming from Calif. we don't see the change in the season or the beautiful colors like Or. I like the crisp air this time of yr and sleeping is easier in the cooler weather.

Thank you for sharing such pretty scenes.

Blessing, Mrs. J.

living from glory to glory said...

Hello, I was just thinking to myself earlier today, that when I am not home or running late, and I miss my tea. I am more worn out and
Dinner seems a bit more of a chore.
So I am making the habit of being home by three again. Summer has a way of changing up my routine.
Blessings, Roxy


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