Tuesday, October 15, 2013

A Soft Gift

Romantic Roses
By Eugene Henri Cauchois, France, 1850-1911
It is always a challenge to think of a gift for someone, that will not be too useless and yet be a luxury. Today I have gathered a few things to make a bath gift. Ladies seem to appreciate soft, new towels and soap. The wash cloths are folded in half and rolled into roses, then tied in a green ribbon to look like leaves. The soap is called Skin Milk, from Dollar Tree. I found the cute metal tub, reminiscent of the big tubs used outdoors in the old days, at the local Goodwill. Dollar Tree stores also has these tubs in pink, turquoise blue, yellow and green, plus other attractive containers, beverage tubs and baskets that would be just right for a gift like this. Cotton towels can also be found in these stores. These towels are very plain and could be made special by gluing on a fabric initial with a fabric glue, or stitching some cloth ribbon on the edges.
The slippers are also just a dollar, available in pink or white, and so absorbent. I have a pair and I really like them. In all, the gift only cost $5.00. Compare that to what you might have to pay at a bath store. And please note that these things are all made in the USA, just like the soaps I featured here yesterday:-
Some of the Dollar Tree bath towels were made in Canada. You can get Made-in-USA towels in stores around the country. Goodwill sells new towels, but sometimes the they are not all-cotton. When re-creating an old towel, add trims for a shabby-chic look. Add white distilled vinegar to the rinse water in the washer to restore softness in older towels.
The bath towel is made with cotton towelling fabric from The fabric store, where it is available in several lovely colors.
Here it is packed in a wire basket from the dollar store,
....and a basket with coordinating shower gel,
... plus this pretty burnished yellow basket with peach scented bubble bath. There are a lot more colors of these baskets and matching bath products, such as cherry red, lemon yellow, aqua blue. I also noticed wide wired ribbon in the same colors, edged in metallic, which could be wrapped around the basket and tied in a dramatic bow.
Last week I was pleased to find this pink dish detergent for a dollar.



Bible Babe said...

Brilliant--I'll be doing this for our church's Christmas gift exchange. Also, since I'm a massage therapist--this is an inexpensive yet lovely gift for my massage guests. Thank you so much for sharing your creativity.

Magnolia Tea said...

I have to repeat - Brilliant idea!
I love, love those washcloth roses.
Just beautiful. Have a great day.

Sharon said...

Thank you for this wonderful idea! It pays to shop with creative eyes. You have helped me realize I might could develop some creative eyes.

Sharon said...

Thanks for this wonderful idea! You have shown us how to shop with creative eyes. If I had to spend $5 for a gift, I might be tempted to whine rather than be creative. This is really helping people like me see the possibilities.

Farrah said...

This is a thoughtfully grand idea.

Ellie Rae said...

What a great idea for a gift!

Sharon said...

Oops! I thought I had accident deleted my first comment. I like your additional pictures. Thanks!

living from glory to glory said...

Hello Lydia, This is a very cute idea! I love making up baskets for gifts as I can find little gift items over time to add to them.
Thanks for your comment as I went back on that post and added the statement about the Jesus and His death, burial and resurrection!
You're a blessing to me!

anonymous said...

Thanks Lydia sharing your great ideas.
You've inspired me to think a set of bath towels or flannel sheets would be a great wedding gift to put in a big willow basket with soap or candle, wrapped in clear cellophane and tied with big wide bow.

Love your blog and the inspiration.

Mrs. J.

lorie said...

Oh my gosh! Just love these little gifts. I buy those soaps from Dollar Tree too. Also, I love the pink dish soap.


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