Thursday, October 03, 2013

A Good Day For Sitting On the Porch


I bought this teapot at the local grocery store for half price. It has a knit tea cozy which keeps the tea hot, even outdoors, for good length of time. People are really doing a lot with old knit sweaters these days. On blogs all over the world I see creative ideas using old clothing, including cloth pumpkins, pillows, stiffed animals, bath rugs and quilts. Shades of white are especially favored. I liked the teapot because of the little white sweater it was wearing, and it has a spout protector as well. It doesn't dribble like some of my other teapots.


It was bright and sunny today,

but I also enjoy the way the world looks when it rains while the sun is still shining.


A few pictures of parts of the flower gardens:
The child's wheelbarrow was broken on one side, so I painted it and used it for thyme, which is growing well. There is a Victorian house in the area that has been turned into a museam. When you walk on the paths going around the house, you get a wonderful aroma of thyme which grows on the paths.

I had company yesterday, so I got out all my rose tea cups. The people who came seldom get the opportunity to eat out or go anywhere nice, so I tried to create an enjoyable experience for them by getting out my best things.

I thought I would share a page of Victoria magazine from October 1988. The pages of these older issues are looking more and more faded, so I am thinking that getting a CD of those issues might be a good idea. It is hard to get a really good photo for blog use from the old issues.

There are probably many issues to discuss, it for today, the only thing on my mind that I feel is worth passing on is that the home is so important and needs to be fixed up as though it were a retreat.



budgeteer said...

Love your teapot with its white sweater. I had never heard of a spout protector. I'm going to look for one myself.

Anonymous said...

The tea table looks lovely!
Your rose tea ~ set is so attractive...again I'm inspired!
I'm glad you had the opportunity to catch some Autumn sunshine.

I've been thinking of making some cushions/pillows with a Fair Isle knit sweater I bought from a thrift shop. You reminded me!

Ellie Rae said...

Good idea for the tea cozy.

Barbara said...

Good comment, to fix up our homes as if they are a retreat, for indeed, they should be. Mine is. Thanks for this lovely post.

anonymous said...

I too enjoy sitting out on the porch being content and thankful to the Lord for all the blessings he has given me.

Even though world affairs are spinning out of control, the earth around us continues to turn, the seasons continue to come and go, the sun still rises and sets each day and God is still on the throne.

I'm not sure if it is because of hard times around us, but I'm more interested in makeover clothing projects. Jackets that I like but are too big, over sized dresses, skirts and wool shirts.

Yard sales, thrift shops and flea markets are good places to find wool skirts and men's wool shirts. Dismantled, felted in washer and dryer they make good fabric for wool crazy patch quilts.
Foundation piece them on newspaper and back them with thick quilter's or chamois flannel, and bind them with continuous cotton bias binding. Then tie off the intersections with pearl cotton or yarn.
These wool quilts make great gifts- for weddings, Christmas, baby shower, etc.
I love your teapot cozy and the photos from the Victoria Magazine. Thank you for sharing.

Mrs. J

anonymous said...

I wanted to share with you that you can buy clear plastic tubing at the hardware or medical supply stores and cut them into the size you want, for far less then purchasing the "spout protectors" in the tea shops. Just take your teapot with you and fit the tubing over the end of the spout to make sure it will be wide enough, then trim at an angle to fit the spout. This way you will be able to custom fit each of your teapots with their own spout protector. Tip: The tubing fits much easier when wet. Thought you might like to share on the blog.

I have a vintage child's tea set that I plan on using to teach the grandgirls how to do tea when they get past toddler stage. I bought a smaller piece of tubing for that so it will protect the sometimes rough treatment of the "beginners".

Mrs. J.

living from glory to glory said...

Hello, We had are first hard frost last night. My Hubby made a small fire in the wood stove to warm up the house a bit. I have been wanting a tea cozy for some time! I bought all the material and have the pattern I am going to use. But. Some things take a bit for me to get them done :)
I am expecting a dear friend to arrive soon. I hope she can come in and get rested and sense His peace before she leaves to go back home. She has just moved and is going to stay here for the night! I will miss this dear friend so much!
She say's my home is like a Haven of peace! Now, what a compliment!
So, as I know that your Home has been a Haven for us here in
Blogs ville. Thank you!
Blessings, Roxy


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