Saturday, November 22, 2014

Daily Delights

Hello Dear Ladies,

This week I have been paying more attention to the little comforting blessings of life that often are overlooked.  Some days are noiseless and the weather Indistinctive. This week we have had strong winds followed by huge drops of rain landing on the windows and pathways near the house, all which sound like an orchestra with surround-sound. What a welcome noise that is after the stillness. I felt like there had been a dramatic celebration outside. I do wish modern houses were not so soundproof, as I miss hearing the rain on the tin roof of my childhood home.        

I was also enormously blessed by a lady and her daughter who visted me this week and partook of some of my berry tea.  We also had a light lunch and great conversation which so energized me that I was inspired to get a few unpleasant chores finally finished--cleaning the fridge and freezer, sorting a box of papers, mending, etc.  Friendship is a blessing when it is a true friend. I plan to talk more about friendship and how to be careful and discerning concerning friends.

You may recall that I was previously unable to purchase a single rose with one of those crystal stick-pins, because the florist in attendance said it was not possible to make up just one rose bouquet.  I was in the same grocery store on a different day and a different employee asked if she could help me. I explained what I wanted, and she complied immediately. It cost $2.99 which was higher than it was a few years ago but I was so happy to have it and told her so. She wrapped it in tissue gift wrap and tie a silk ribbon around it.

Allposters, of which I am an affiliate (it means I can use their art posters on my blog) has now been featuring some delightful inspirational chalk-board posters.  I will provide the direct link as soon as possible.

Many years ago, a pretty teacup was unaffordable, but today in thrift stores occasionally there are some very inexpensive ones, sometimes under $3.00.  I recently acquired this one, which is not an antique (this style was new in the 1990's) but I am thrilled to have it and I used it to serve one of the ladies who visited this week. The gold spoon came from a set of cutlery that usually appears at Walmart and other discount stores this time of year. Even people of limited income can have elegant things if they shop carefully.  So, if you see something in a high-end store that you think would be useful in your home, have a look at the lower price stores like Ross and TJ Maxx, etc. amd you might get it for less than half the price. If you get any of this gold cutlery be sure to read the care instructions.  It cannot be washed in the dishwasher and it must be hand washed separate from stainless steel cutlery because it causes tarnish to the gold. Also never put it in water to which bleach has been added, as it will tear up the gold finish.

I realize life at home does not merely consist of material concerns, but is about living your eternal values. The book of Proverbs says:

"Get wisdom, get understanding: forget it not; neither decline from the words of my mouth.
 Forsake her not, and she shall preserve thee: love her, and she shall keep thee.
 Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding."
Proverbs 4:5-7

Whenever I "get" some material blessing or "get" a goal accomplished, I think of that phrase "and with all thy getting, get understanding." Material things are not gain, but just a means to help others, enjoy life, appreciate others, or improve your life of service.

One can use wisdom in all areas of life, including thrift and beauty in the home.

This cup has the advantage of being printed equally on each side with the rose bouquet emblem, which makes it nice for display in the china shelf, or for lefties.  In arranging my teacups on the display shelves, I find that more often than not, there is only a right-sided print.

As the dawn begins here, I am hearing the Canada Geese congregating near a marsh. Aren't they supposed to fly south for the winter? It has been discovered that sometimes they find a warmer clime in a nearby sheltered area and do not actually go very far from home.

          Cups in my china cabinet: They have to be turned with the handle on the right-hand side in
                                                   Order to display the pictures on them. 




Rhonda said...

I live in Oklahoma and we have Canadian geese that never leave. I guess they like it here :)

Christine said...

You can hear the flocks overhead for miles! When I can, I run outside to see them in formation. I'm always in awe.

Perfect single, yellow rose!

Mrs. Cote said...

I'm glad the florist was obliging about the rose this time! Now you know who to look for in the store :) It's a sweet, small blessing.

Michelle said...

I have been keeping my eye out for gold colored spoons, they are hard to come by around here I suppose.

I am really looking forward to your sharing on friendships.



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