Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Dancing Flames

                                                     Lighthouse by T.C. Chiu from Allposters.com

Greetings Dear Ladies,
I recently had the opportunity to see a display of a new type of battery operated led-light flameless candle by Luminara, called "dancing candles."  I was able to see them up-close and observed the realistic flame.  


Their description is:

"Dancing Flame Candles are like no other battery operated candle. An internal LED source shines through a prism and up to the flame tip. The flame moves creating dance like motion that is stunning and so realistic."

I enjoyed seeing these and thinking how lovely they would look in any home, but for now, they'll are extremely expensive. These were on displays at a building supply store where you buy lumber and sinks and wallpaper and everything imaginable for the home.   

I am always so grateful to be able to see in the market what the new inventions are. Something like this flickering candle flame tells me there is someone who wanted something safe and delightful for the home.  In fact, most of the marketplace caters to life at home.  I hope you all will go and see these candles when they are on display in your neck of the woods.  The invention of the electric light was also called the electric candle. A bit of lightening was seen flickering in the bulb.

If you click here   there is a video at the end of the page that shows this dancing flame.


  I was quite heartened by some new posters at Allposters, and will provide the link for this one  soon.

                             Be sure to visit some of the encouraging blogs on my blogroll.

                         I am working on a few things at home and will provide pictures later.  

                                            As always, I appreciate your comments.

                                these two tapers came from Dollar Tree and require batteries. Although they flicker, they are not the same as the Luminara dancing flames that are just now on the market. The Luminara brand look like real fire. However, for a dollar each plus a dollar for batteries, these are very nice.


Jo said...

I like the idea of these candles, much safer than the open flame. I plan to buy a set of three for my daughter-in-law of Christmas. Some have remote controls and you can change the colour of the flame. Even the candle feels like wax.

Aline Law said...

Dear Lydia,
Your blog is so encouraging.
Keep up the good work... I read your articles regularly.
A.L in Fl.

living from glory to glory said...

Dear Lydia, I have a funny story about those candles. My DIL had one burning or (turned on) And she went to town and left it on, and all I could do was think (well that was not a safe thing to do)
I really thought it was a real candle.
The things people design and to make our homes lovely, really do inspire us!
Have a wonderful Day!
Blessings, Roxy

Mrs. Cote said...

Last year I found some flickering led candles at Big Lots. They came in a box of 9, I think and were very inexpensive because they were for Christmas window displays. I found that when I brought them home the candle part was removable from its plastic gold colored base so they can be used in nicer candle holders. Another nice thing about them is that they have a built in timer to save battery life. I think it was for 6 or 8 hours. It sets to turn back on automatically by the time you first turn it on. I hope you can find these close to you as Christmas things are in the stores again!


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