Sunday, November 23, 2014

Hymn: His Love Cannot Fail

Roses by Catherine Beyler from Allposters

Greetings Dear Ladies,

I love this song, "His Love Cannot Fail" which is not in some of the hymnbooks I have used, so here it for your calm and ease today. If you allow it to continue, there may be other songs attached, so please do enjoy!

I am getting a few things finished to share on this blog, and just wanted to come here briefly.

Here is a thought for you: Sometimes kind ladies want to do something for others but are not sure what, and worry that the gift or effort will not be appropriate. Why not donate a prayer to someone?

I pray for everyone that comes here to visit this blog and I appreciate your "donation" of prayers too!


Debbie Gnagey said...

Dear Lady Lydia,
I agree...a prayer for someone is always appropriate. There have been times when we have passed cars with people fighting. You could hear them yelling at each other. My husband and I said a prayer. I always say a prayer when I see an emergency vehicle drive by me on the highway, whether at home or far from home. First I pray for the people's souls, then for physical protection, and finally for material protection. We rarely see the results of these prayers but perhaps someday in heaven we will.

When the prayer is for someone we know, we can sometimes follow that up with a visit, with a small gift which we have made or purchased. When a friend asked me to pray for one of her friends going through chemotherapy, I prayed and once every week or so sent homemade cards and little fancy soaps, nicely scented hand creams, etc. She said it gave her something to look forward to during some trying times.

We have only touched the tip of the power of our prayers. Prayer can be life changing.

LadyLydia said...

A very wonderful narration of the practice of prayer. Thank you.


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