Friday, November 14, 2014

A Lovely Hymn and a Few Things to Share

This is a lovely hymn with a tune that is not sung much today. This song is in many church hymn books but not with this lovely tune!  I could  not resist posting it. I hope you enjoy it. I love the high notes and the harmony here!

Please click on the video to listen! 
Leave the video on and other beautiful hymns will automatically play.


A few things to share: if you need a tea cozy and cannot make one, try a knit hat from Dollar Tree. This one is lined and keeps the pot warm.

Also, I want to share something I do when I am sewing but I do not want to leave the house and find extra fabric.  I cut a piece of the fabric and clip it to a note.  If anyone is going near the fabric store, I sent it with them. My husband has done this for me before.  He just gives the note to one of the people  at the cutting table and they find the bolt and fill the order.   It might not work for every thing, but so far there has not been any misses.

Dollar Tree also has these removeable wall stickers; an inexpensive and sweet home accent.

Here is an easy way to make a pedestal dish with orphan saucers or plates. You will need some candlesticks from the dollar store or reject stores, thrift stores.  If you are making more than one tier, the candle holders might need to be shorter. Just play around with it first before you glue it, and see what looks best.

You can use a special glass-glue, or a super glue, cement glue, etc.  If you use white glue or tacky glue, you definitely cannot immerse the pedestal dish in water.  Even with he glass glue or super glue, you have to be careful not to let the dish sit in water. Just a quick rinse will do, since it will probably have a paper doily on it for the small slices of foods.

I love plaid and often buy plaid shirts for the men in my family.  The fabric store had a sale on this plaid fabric with pink in it, and I got a yard of it for a shoulder wrap.  It is all cotton and feels like real wool. The more yardage you get, the longer the scarf will be to throw over your shoulder.

First I cut the middle halfway up the piece.

Then using a fourth inch on the raw edges, I pressed and folded another fourth inch so the ends were all hidden, and machine stitched all around.   This is what it looks like as a shawl.
This is what it looks like as a scarf.

This is the back.  It can also be sewn on the sides, leaving room for the arm holes. I wore this around my shoulders and had many compliments which went into discussions about plaid, and the more pastel plaid colors that are seen in the market.

Chargers to hold plates are available in so many colors these days and for very good prices, sometimes even available in dollar stores. Here is a one in a fuchsia shade that just matched my plates. This is dinnerware that was a grocery store promotion a few years ago. Chargers are like placemats and are just decorative. When choosing a color or style, take one of your plates with you to the store.

Last week I hosted the ladies Bible Study in my home for an autumn lunch.

There were a lot more teacups set out but this table shows the ones on the display rack.

The pumpkin pie tarts can be made with honey by finding a recipe on the web. 

We had a very spiritually uplifting lesson and a Skype camera guest from another place.  We have had Skype guests in England, Holland and Kuwait at our Ladies Bible Studies.

I still protect my table linens from tea stains, with a bright clear plastic from the fabric store.

This is all for today.  Thank you for coming, and I hope you have a peaceful evening.


Rozy Lass said...

That is the tune we sing in our church. What a beautiful rendition and gorgeous photos. Thanks for sharing.

Jo said...

I grew up with all these old hymns and love them dearly, this one is lovely.

amulbunny's random thoughts said...

This was one of the songs we sang when I was confirmed many years ago. I love this song and this setting.
The old hymns are just as fulfilling as the newer ones.

I just got back from a trip with my 90 year old Mom and we plugged my iPhone into the car radio and listened to the Pandora station Hymnstyles and enjoyed good music across the desert.

Susan said...

I really love the shawl and am going to try and make one just like it. Thank you for the idea. I was just looking at that hat the other day at the dollar store! The only one they had was badly stained and so I am going to check a different store this week. I thought it was so pretty and could be used for many things. Your tea table is so inviting and it's nice to see how everything is set out for the guests. It's a helpful lesson for those of us who are just learning how to entertain.

LadyLydia said...

Thank you for visiting, Ladies. I love your comments. Those hats have padding and a lining so they are quite warm. You can cut into the edge to make room for handle and spout of the teapot.

Dawn said...

Your plaid wrap is so pretty and simple to make. I will have to make one myself.

I recommend E-6000 glue for gluing glass items. In the past I've made candle holders by gluing Dollar Store candle sticks to Dollar Store cylindrical pillar candle holders, and the E-6000 is very sturdy. It's even held through me soaking the candle holders in hot water to loosen the candle stubs.

I love the idea of making pedestal plates. Wouldn't it make a lovely gift filled with cookies?


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