Tuesday, March 14, 2017

A Talk About Marriage With Video 31

Hello Ladies,

I have been invited to speak to a small group of ladies at a marriage retreat. In the 45 years we have been married and the 50+ years Stan has been a preacher in the Lord's church throughout the world, we have never been asked to be guests at one of these events, nor even attended one! We have never received an invitation in all our lives and so I must conclude they were waiting to see if our marriage worked out! (Either that, or someone reported us bickering with each other and decided to wait 20 more years to invite us to deliver a lesson on marriage). Stan's lesson to the men is VERY good and I hope he will stop as he rushes through to his office, and make a video about it, that I can post here.

Since this invitation to the retreat,  I have been busy all last week trying to get the lesson written, so if you have not heard from me via letter or email, that is the reason. When the weekend is over, I will play catch-up with my social life and correspondence. As usual, I over-did it by putting the lesson in Open Office and making it into a small booklet to give away, and of course am dealing with the script jumping around each time I add something and the subsequent task of getting it printed and stapled together.

You see the painting, above.  The name of it did not transfer to my pictures when I saved it so I do not know the artist or date. I chose it because that is really how I think ladies classes should be: a dignified lady sitting at a table with other ladies, sipping tea, passing on helpful advice, answering questions, pointing the way to success in the home and family.  I don't know about you but I cringe when I see a woman speaking at a pulpit, even if she is speaking to women only. I feel very uncomfortable doing that, although I do not mind speaking at a tea party or ladies class or to friends.  So, I hope this small group of ladies will allow us to have this lesson at a table or in a living room. 

The lesson is called "Staying on Board" and Has a nautical theme using seafaring terms from the Bible. I will try to post it here when it is completed.  Since I do not charge anything for the cost of material, I cannot send a copy by mail but you may download and print it when I post it here. (If I can get some help from my personal in-home computer techs).

In general, women will find it better to stay on board and get through rough times. If there were more women willing to share the details of hard times in marriage, it would reassure others who feel their marriage is being threatened by the pressures of the world.

In this lesson I describe two Bible couples who endured out-of-this-world stress.  I hope to reveal some of that on a video which I will post here. I am not saying I can get it done within the hour but maybe later on today.

Thanks for coming here today, and thanks to a couple of you who are so loyal with your contributions. I do not want anyone to contribute if they cannot afford it, but I do appreciate your offerings because I know that no one in the US has excess of money anymore! Everyone I talk to is just struggling to survive, so when someone sends $10 I am thinking they could have put a meal on the table with that, and yet they graciously contribute it. Well one thing you will never see, is us living extravagantly with other people's donations, so you know it is used well and deeply appreciated. I usually show you the patterns and fabrics I buy 😊 and I list the cost of the ingredients of sewing projects so you can see how to make a dollar stretch. 

Contributors as well as regular readers have an open invitation to tea or to be overnight guests in my home, and are welcome to phone, skype or email, provided we can work out dates and times. There is no charge for that!

Here is a video summary of the lesson on Marriage:


Applicable Nautical Terms:

Aboard, Afloat, Adrift, Afore, Anchor, Afloat, Ashore, Aground, 


Anonymous said...


You have so beautifully described what most marriages are going through in this day and age. It is nice to know we are not alone when we think no one understand this pain we are going though. As the bible states and I am paraphrasing here... share one another's burden.

Young ladies getting married or even before marriage need to hear of hardships in marriage. It would seem they only see the beautiful wedding and think Happily Ever After. There is one lady I know that wants to get married so badly, but I have to be honest with her and let her know there are ups and downs like life but you are sharing it with another person. You are handing your life over for someone else to protect and guide you and might not always agree with them on a daily or weekly bases. You are giving up power for love. Marriage is not for wimps as there will be some low times in every marriage. But as God is so faithful, He pulls us, or the couple through the most difficult times where he carries us. I been there myself at almost 30 years of marriage.

I have always enjoy listening to older married people and try to gain wisdom they care to share or impart on me. Your video meant so much to me today. I hope it will reach and teach others.

~Thank you for sharing your speech with us.


Christine said...

Dear Lydia,
What a wonderful comparison! I had never considered that I was "First Mate" in our boat (Marriage), but it so truly emphasises the make-up of our marriages.. it so goes against the modern premise of "everything is 50/50" because that's just not how things work. We each have our roles and duties to fulfill, and it is helpful to know that when we are performing them correctly, our "ship" will stay afloat even when encountering the "stormy seas" of life which we all face at some point.

I also love the bit about manners. You have often said that a woman sets the tone in her home and family and manners are an integral part of this.

I loved this video and am certainit willgo over very well at the marriage conference. My only regret is that I can't be there to enjoy it!

Christine (P.S I don't know if you got my message about the difficulties I am encountering in emailing you, but for whatever reason I have been unable to email to your email address for some time).

ladypinktulip said...

I enjoyed your video so much. What a wonderful description of the Christian wife as 1st Mate. I love how her role complements and enhances her husband's role. She is a vital part of his team in every respect. She isn't just sitting on a deck chair with a cool drink and watching life go by...she is active in keeping the ship...ship shape as her husband's help meet. Looking forward to chatting with you soon...Kelly

Nancy said...

Thank you so much for this wonderful encouragement!

Lydia said...

Josephine's Girl has left a new comment on your post "A Talk About Marriage With Video 31":

Lovely. I loved the way you walked Adam and Eve into a modern day situation. Truly, they faced a marriage in crisis! I love the first mate example and the point that we have the same goal of pleasing and living for Christ in order to be with him in Heaven. Thank you for this. It's so encouraging!

Patricia said...

Thank you for this great video, Lydia. You have inspired me to watch out for the subtle ways I may be 'monitoring' my husband without realising it.

Tricia said...

I always find such encouragement when I come here! Please know you have an open invitation to my home if you should ever find yourself in Chicago!

Deborah Montgomery said...

Just wanted to let you know I have been enjoying your videos. Very calming and encouraging. I have been following your blog for a long time now and apologize for not stopping by sooner. Your gentle encouragement to continue to serve others at home has been a blessing to me. Blessings, Deborah