Friday, March 24, 2017

Love-In-A-Mist Flowers and Matching Teacups

Hello Ladies,

Around our home grows a bush of delicate looking flowers of all shapes and styles called "Love-In-Mist."  In the same cluster of blossomed, some have a single layer of petals and others have double and triple layers with rounded tips or pointed tips. One seed can yield a big bush of these varied shapes and colors. They look misty because of the soft array of green leaves that grow around them, along with the fluffiness of the flower, as if it had some cotton in it. Love-In-Mist can be seen in old paintings of 19th century ladies in the garden.
I found another teacup and this time it is Love-In-Mist painted on the cup and saucer:
It has a square shape with rounded corners...
...and from the markings on the cup it looks like it was made in 1948.

Made by Royal London of England in 1948

Love-In-Mist has delicate fern like leaves with wispy soft tendrils.
I have two other square cups like this, both with the sweet pea flower prints, and they are made in 1952 by a company called Clarence in England. 
There may have been a series of flowered cups at the time.

Here you can see the rounded corners on the square shape.  We have used these cups frequently and when carefully hand washed, they stay looking nice and new.

Please check back on this post or for a new post, for a video about choosing teacups.

Thank you all for your loveliness!


Love-A-Mist also comes in other colors but I have not seen them. When you plant this, it will bloom season after season and produce many seeds to have a seed-exchange with friends.

Below: "Love in a Mist"  Painting by Victorian era  painter Sophie Anderson

Painting by Rachel McNaughton

Some fabric to go-with:


Dawn said...

I've never heard of Love-In-a-Mist flowers before. They are so beautiful! I wonder how they'd do in my area.

Your teacups are so pretty. A lovely reminder of Spring.

Lydia said...

Check your seed rack at stores near you. The grow almost everywhere, and like weeds, enjoy poor soil, even rocks and gravel.

Anonymous said...

So excited to read your post this morning, and I am REALLY going to enjoy this series!

The mist-in-flowers reminds me of bluebonnets in Texas. They too enjoy poor soil and were also call the wolf-flower.

AND you took us out into the garden! Will have to add this little beauty to my roster for planting. Did you see Peter on his way to Mr. McGregor's garden?

Enjoyed looking at the details in the water color drawing. Is it yours?

Feminine Belle said...

Mrs. L,

Why are the tea cups square?

Christine said...

I'm excited to learn about theses lovely flowered and know we can grow then easily. They look beautiful. I have a perfect spot in my garden for just this kind of, low maintenance plant.

ladypinktulip said...

What gorgeous flowers, I have never seen those before. They seem so delicate and feminine really. Kelly T.

Michelle said...

I love the fabrics and the tea cups. All the flowers on the tea cups are definitely a reminder that Spring is here (although our weather on the East Coast has been so varied).