Monday, March 20, 2017

Preparation for a Road Trip and Overnight Stay

Hello Dear Ladies,

After a weekend of jumbled contents in bags and cases, (modern luggage) I decided there has to be a better way. Below is a photo of a Victorian doll trunk which is a replica of the real "luggage" of the 19th century. Unfortunately there does not seem to be any combination of the two eras combining light weight convenience of today with organizational compartments and convenience of yesteryear.  It has been ages since I used  a real suit case with compartments for my carefully packed supplies. Fancy updat d suitcases just do not hold a candle to the old invention of the case that could stand upright as a closet.

If this could be made in a compact size that would fit in today's vehicles, it would be ideal. Bring it into your room, stand it on its end and open it. You can pul out a shelf and make a table for your tea set. I have seen some of these 1890's travel trunks that include a folding chair and table. 

Duffle bags and back packs create the problem of having to rifle through the entire contents to find something, whereas compartments like the above would give such a sense of elegance and order.

Even with things categorized into smaller bags within the travel bags or suitcases, it does not encourage easy access to everything.

These pictures are from Pinterest:

I would like the above built for me of lightweight non-buckling, non-bulky materials, but with the drop-down table added from the pictures below, placed a little lower so two folding chairs, also included, may be placed next to it. 

Below: on a recent road trip we found this colorful vintage train which is now a hotel, gift shop, restaurant and a few other things. 

Yes, I do travel in these clothes. With warm leggings and boots, it works in variable weather. 

We returned to Oregon via the old highways because we wanted to see some of the old towns.
Something else to take: a blank book for sketches and notes:


Patricia said...

Hello Lydia, I can relate to what you said about having to "rifle through' everything in modern luggage..most annoying! And it's frustrating if there is no cupboard to hang everything up at your destination. I love the compartments in the vintage examples you showed us. I hate to have everything jumbled together when we travel too, and the soft pockets in modern suitcases don't always suit the contents we need to take with us. Once upon a time, we would take multiple bags and cases with us when we traveled but now I manage with just one suitcase for all my things. I've learned to reduce my contents and "travel light" but there are times when I'd love to be able to pack more..especially nice dresses and outfits without crushing them. Enjoy your trip! Blessings..Trish

amulbunny's random thoughts said...

The only problems I could see with a trunk if you are traveling by airplane would be the overage in size and weight. Plus the airlines require you to leave your bags unlocked and I'd hate to have someone go through my things. ( I don't follow the rule and zip tie my bags when i fly. When I worked for the tSA many years ago, I took too many lost item calls from passengers who lost things out of their luggage when it was handled by the cargo handlers.

Amazon has many trunks that are vintage styles but are very expensive. I'd have to go for the ones on wheels.

Stay warm.

Feminine Belle said...

Enjoyed the *steamer trunk* pictures.

I have distinctively noticed trips to the grocery store or even short trips to another town no one seems to dress nice any more.

It would seem in old movies of people leaving by train or car women and their families always dressed in a modest way.

I bet you feel good knowing you look nice for other people to view and receive many compliments along the way. It makes one feel good in spirit and knowing one is servicing Christ first and foremost.

Seems you are almost ready for your trip.

I hope it is a pleasant one.

ladypinktulip said...

Oh that would be so grand to have a suitcase like that! Especially if one was going abroad for an extended stay. Love Kelly T.

Lydia said...

We returned from our trip several days ago. That is why I was complaining about the luggage. I am looking for a way to do better snd not have to spend o much time reorganizing and looking for things in the suitcase. I may build myself a facsimile of the Victorian closet just the size of a car trunk or so it fits in the back seat of the car. It would be so much better than having to remove the contents of bags and suitcases. Using the Victorian closet , nothing would be removed or taken to any part of the room.

Anonymous said...

Per the Victorian closet:

It sounds a little like the French closet. Gals in that country do not have many pieces of clothing, but what they have is high quality.

I would be very intrigued to see your facsimile of this version.

anonymous said...

I enjoyed your post about travel and the clothing trunk. I would like to have a trunk like that for my guest room for when guests come to visit. The room is small and only enough room for a trundled daybed a rocking chair and a blanket cabinet. A dresser would be too large for the small space.

I've not heard of a French or a Victorian closet before.