Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Spring Blossom Teacup and Saucer

Today I am featuring the Spring Blossom teacup by Royal Albert, which seems to be a painting of the flowering plum ornamental trees that blossom for a brief time in March and April.
I own one cup and saucer. I found the cup at Goodwill and the saucer somewhere else. The China set is available in new condition, and is not what I would consider an antique.  All of my teacups are regularly used. This one below is from the web, showing matching dinnerware.  Ladies still collect these pieces for their family China to use for special occasions.

 Out here in Oregon the pieces are not easy to find. I keep asking my driver to go with me to find a small town that may have a shop where I can find more of this.  Yes, I do drive, but my driver has an innate sense of direction and never gets lost. Around here we cannot always rely on maps and gps as they do not keep up with the changes in roads and routes.  

My driver does not like me going to far away on my own so we pack up our tea basket and go on little excursions to find my elusive tea cups. We often return empty handed with only photos of the road. That is what the daffodils by the side of the road picture was all about in the previous post.
Here is the flowering plum ornamental tree like the painting on the teacup.

A couple of years ago I sewed a dress to "go with" these trees and made a fascinator. (Picture to come).  

Detail of Thimas Kinkade painting featuring the flowering plum ornamental tree:
Below are the ones in my yard.
A close-up of the blossoms:

Hair comb fascinator made from a sprig of artificial blossoms from the dollar store:
Dress to go with:


anonymous said...

Lydia, how happy I was to see your post on the Spring Blossom teacup. My very first teacup was given to me by my husband's grandmother and it was that very one. Her's are very old and was given to me 48 yrs ago as a wedding gift. I still have it and it is one of my favorites.

Loved your other posts on flowered teacups. Especially the Lily of the Valley. Those are the most fragrant flowers. I have a few coming up in my garden this year too.

A few summers ago a lady at a yardsale gave me seed pods from "Love In A Mist" flowers
from her garden.

I love hunting for pretty tea cups also. More over, having tea with them.
Thank you for sharing.

Dawn said...

All the pictures in this post, be they of china or real trees, are so exquisitely beautiful, it makes my heart ache.

Your tree is lovely, Lady Lydia. I can't wait for Spring to pop here. We are expecting more snow!

I remember that dress. Such pretty fabric.

You all must be such a pretty sight when you, your daughter,and granddaughter are out in dresses that you've sewn.

I'm assuming your driver is your husband? How sweet that he will do that for you and that you make a real outing out of it, picnic lunch and all. I don't too many men would happily take his wife out shopping for tea cups. :-)

Lynn said...

These tea cup sets are glorious...beautiful art on them!