Thursday, November 23, 2017

A Bit of the Trivial

I do not know how many of you saw my post last year of the old fashioned carriage I tried to make with an inexpensive garden arbor:
I surrounded it with the tube lights, inserted a vinyl wicker weatherproof settee, and tried to find a horse.  I have my eye on a carousel horse that is in someone's yard sale. I just hope they don't want any money for it 😳😞
I always wanted something in my front yard like a row boat, a sleigh or a carriage, but the cost of the real ones is as much as some cars!  Unfortunately my carriage has blown away in strong winds several times, due to the fact the arbor is just hollow lightweight metal. I've had to put unsightly bricks, stones and old concrete pieces around it to keep it still.

We always enjoy looking at the seasonal decor to see if it can be used at other times throughout the year, and the other day we noticed this item, for the first time:

My husband said someone must have noticed people trying to make these for their yards because now they are appearing in lights for yard decor.

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