Thursday, November 23, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving

While extending Thanksgiving greetings, I still want the official date changed to October, when Canada celebrates theirs. By this time in late November, harvest is nearly 4 months past and farmers markets long closed and the beauty of the season has faded, with the he leaves all fallen.

Today I am sharing my outdoor teacup on a warm day here.  We are low key with little mealtime  later in the day and I am resting.

We had a Thanksgiving church dinner last Sunday after church, so we aren't trying to do the whole thing in a big way again, but going to enjoy the traditional foods in smaller servings! 

This has a crack in it so I keep it outdoors to add to the....well...whatever it is goimg on out here in the sticks!


Laura Jeanne said...

Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends. I am in Canada and I do agree that the beginning of October is a much more logical time to celebrate the harvest, especially for a country where it feels very much like winter by the end of November - and many areas of the country have snow already. :)

Lydia said...

It seems to crowd winter travel when two big celebrations are only 4 weeks apart.

Christine Beauchamp said...

Blessings Lydia to you and yours at Thanksgiving. . .

It is good to be in 'Thanksgiving' mode all thru the year. I am thankful for you and for your beautiful posts. They have brought me much healing thru the years when I felt alone many times. Every time I read your words I know I will not be offended and horrified - - but rather will find beauty and gentility and the sharing of simple wisdoms and truths which are rarely spoken in the area I live.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts on tea - - and sewing - - two of my favorite things in all the world - - and also your funny quips on Mr. S who must be a darling for sure.

Blessings Lydia. . at this sacred time of year.

Mrs. WMC said...

I agree. And also I have noticed on my timelines that now that stores are open, women are abandoning cooking the turkey for shopping on Thanksgiving Day. I have read that FDR changes the holiday to November to get it closer together Christmas season and get more people into the stores. It worked.


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