Saturday, September 15, 2018

September is Pear Month (Northern Hemisphere)

Catherine Klein 1861-1929

Above: My Bosc Pears in Grandma's bowl, teacup in mismatched cup and saucer, with tissue paper carnations.

Mr. S. informed me yesterday of Pear Month, which I had no knowledge of, so this morning I'm posting one of Catherine Klein's pear paintings, and photos of my pears. 

As I have mentioned previously, I joined an online homemaking coach, which is from the old SHE program back in the 70's. I want to share what came today on email, because it was so true and so cleverly written:

Yes,  it addresses the problem of the "selfish house guest."  I agree: we would not endure a selfish house guest as long as we endure the one that lives in our homes right now--clutter and disorganization, accumulated grime, etc! It stays with us so long, we get accustomed to it, and accept it, erstwhile becoming more nervous and high strung, yet not knowing why.

I also want to share a tiny guest room I have fixed up (the best I can, with its limitations) using toile fabric. It was a no-sew project. I've had these swaths of cloth on my living room couch and chairs in the past, and now I am using them in this little room. 

The wall accessories came from various places over the years (I do not want to say how many years ago!) such as Goodwill, Walmart and Given-to-Me.

 I have not measured the space in this room but it seems to be about 6 feet by 5 feet. 

One of my grandsons made the "catch" of fish hanging there, with scraps of cloth. 

This room has been a boys room most of the time.

This is another small room, a bit bigger than the boys room, which I have been cleaning up and working on. I've used some old bedding from the 1980's.  It just won't wear out, so I have not got anything new for it. The room is stuck-in-time; preserved history ;-) It is also my sewing room, but I have not finished cleaning it up so I can't show you the other side.  Its all about editing and only presenting it in a good light and never letting you see the real mess ;-). I don't want to depress you.

We spent a few moments in our "outdoor room" ....

... and enjoyed the shadow on the wall from the little birdcage hanging in the living room window:

This pictorial tour does not include the hidden messes in other rooms that I need to work on. It is time to get back to the mounds.

Someone gave me the most delightfully scented "crisp apple" candle, and the aroma makes some of the huge tasks a lot more pleasant.
I lit the candle for the photograph, but ever since I got this candle, all I have had to do for scent is leave the jar open when I want to enjoy it.

The brand is "Hannah's At Home."  I might look for a pear scent in this brand. It certainly does give the home a wonderful inspiring uplifting atmosphere, when the lid is removed, and not lit.

I am also celebrating the new Spring season in Australia. I decided to ignore the impending darkness and harsh cold season above the equator  and enjoy the Australian spring below the equator instead.  You probably wonder how I can do that. Well, I got so behind on my summer sewing, that I have to start now, and it is easier to stay in the mood to sew summer clothes if I am just starting summer.

Congratulations to the Australians for their Spring.  I feel your joy.


Laura Jeanne said...

Your tiny guest room is just beautiful. The work and care you put into every room in your house really shows! Thank you for the inspiration. Our house is pretty small but I don't think any room here will ever look that nice, because of all the clutter! The problem is that most of it isn't mine. Most of it is toys. My kids own a lot of toys. The two worst offenders are stuffed animals and lego. These things are perpetually strewn across the house. But they love these things and have bought much of it with their own money, so I can't exactly toss it all into a dumpster. My husband is part of the problem too, because he always wants to buy them more toys on Christmas and birthdays than we have room for, or can even afford. Lord have mercy.

Lynn said...

Your guest room is truly a BED room! Very clever of you to arrange it as it is.

Feminine Belle said...

My favorite is the shadow framing of the birdcage.🐥 Excellent work in progress!

Thanks for sharing your world with us. It is exciting to see the ship being balanced.

Thank Mr. S for us on pear month as I thought Sept. was apple season!🍏🍎🍐

Christine said...

Your spare room are so light and bright! It makes anyone staying, feel happy.

mgh said...

Just beautiful!! The birdcage shadow is my favorite as well.