Tuesday, September 18, 2018

The Arc de Triomphe

Hello Dear Friends,  
This is the Arc de Triomphe, an entrance to the city of Paris...

...and this is my arc entry  between the front yard and the back yard.

 It is made of lightweight vinyl. To keep the wind from blowing it into the next farmer's field I weighted the flower boxes with rocks and bricks.

I have not shown this on the blog before. It has been in  a box for awhile. Mr. S. finally got around to putting it together, but the instructions had been lost. I'm happy with the results, although some areas had to be duct taped. Bungee chords and plaster came in handy too. So far, those repair products do not come in decorator colors, but we found some in white.

If you get one of these, make sure to get one that is not as flimsy. It also looks good near the front door or back door., and many other places.

We have never been through the Arc de Triomphe but we sure enjoy walking through this arch.

It is just for show, and the only cars that will pass through it will be the kiddie cars and bikes. 

We have moved it to several places already but settled on this one because we can see it when we drive into the driveway after being out. It makes us feel like we are coming back to somewhere more important.

I feel so fine and regal  walking through this with Mr. S. We think we live in a castle on a great estate. He suggested I make a dress to "go with." Now he is really catching on to my sewing lifestyle.


Amy B said...

It is lovely! I have always loved walking through arches. Well, done Mr. S.

Lydia said...

It is difficult keeping it together so I will get some white duct tape to wrap around the joining areas. Duct tape, bungee chords and wire are the supplies Mr. S. always has on hand. That is what is holding this together but nothing can discourage me from thinking it is just so royal garden.

Janet W. said...

I think that is a lovely archway and so romantic for a wedding..
Putting an arch over any path, table, entryway, bed, bath, fence/gate or seating arrangement makes that place very special.
It would be interesting to see where archways have been used besides gardens and architecture.
Thank you for posting.
Janet Westrup

Lynn said...

Besides likes your arch...I also am glad we can enlarge your pictures TWICE...the second time being really big and can move around the pictures.

amulbunny's random thoughts said...

Lovely arch! You must enjoy looking at it from your home.

The Arc de Triomphe stands at one end of the Champs Elysees and is the star point for 12 avenues spread out through the city. It's surrounded by a traffic circle and trust me, you take your life in your hands if you try to cross it. We stayed in a small hotel that was off Avenue de Victor Hugo on a street called Rue Lauriston. Paris is one of my favorite places in the world and I hope to go back in a year or two. The history is overwhelming.

Unknown said...

Lovely pictures and words you have shared with us.

Dianne said...

Such a sweet touch to your yard!! I have a feeling that over the years you will add things to it, flowers, etc., and will love building off this addition. Your grandkids will love it even more than that garden gate you had up! :)

Unknown said...

This is so very romantic. There is always something on your pages that warms the heart. thank you for everything and all of the work that is put into things here.

Mrs. White said...

I love this!

candy said...

Dear Lydia,
I have missed your blog! It’s been a few years now that I haven’t been blogging and it’s been on my mind recently to maybe start again. In the meantime, I have been catching up on yours the last few days and it is such a pleasure and I am enjoying it so much! I especially love the videos you share....you are exceptionally pretty!!!
Things are well here in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. We have had snow last week but it melted as soon as it touched ground. We bormally dont get snow until the end of October.
My son, Rocky, finished 2 years of Bible Collefe in Edmonton and is currently attending Bible College in California for a year. I’m still homemaking, 23 years now and enjoy it everyday. I love your blog because its so encouraging and I love your pretty home and things you share.

I was wondering (incase you might want a topic to write about or if you take requests), if perhaps you might want to write a post about menu ideas to offer company. I have my parents visiting next week from Newfoundland and I was thinking what kind of menu choices I could serve for breakfasts, lunch, supper, and evening snacks. Things that are simple but able to present pretty.
I thought to myself ‘what would Lydia serve?’ (Smile!) So I thought Id ask you!

Thanks most kindly.

Lydia said...

Candy, Almost a week ago Lillibeth and I were commenting to each other about your old blog and wondering how you were doing. So it is interesting to see a comment from you! Yes I will consider such a post. I'm not very good at food myself, having lapsed into just what my mother cooked, and she was Canadian, and her food was prepared very French. She lived in a place called Enid in Alberta, but it may not exist anymore as a name. SOmetimes those early settlements are merged with other places over the years. Anyway I took an online French cooking course and to my surprise it was all just like my mother's cooking. She was able to use the technques for cooking all the wild things in the way of vegetables, fruits, and fish, in the north. She also grew a big garden and the food tasted a lot different, or maybe my taste buds are getting old and worn out, haha. But I will consider it and maybe do a video sometime. I dont know about using cameras but would like to have a better system where it could show things other than me sitting in front of the camera!

Jaclyn Juliette said...

It looks so beautiful! Thank you for sharing these photos. - Jackie