Wednesday, November 28, 2018

When Ladies Dress to Show Respect and Dignity

Afternoon Tea by Artist An He
You can read his biography here.

Today I have two beautiful paintings by An He.

His bio mentions that his paintings reflect a "tremendous admiration and respect for women."

Is it possible that a lady dressed like this might aid the respect for women? Or that she might inspire a painter?

a woman in the island country of Tonga is asked what is special about Tongan women and what is different about them compared to other nationalities.

Because of the accent, and  occasional traffic noise, you might have to listen to this twice to hear what she is saying.

One of the answers given is "the way we dress. It is always to bring respect for  the woman. A woman in Tonga is given the highest respect, and much of it because of the way she dresses." She also mentioned that women in Tonga do not have to work on farms, do not have to go to work, but they are considered the highest in respect. The men have a great deal of respect for their sisters and mothers, for women. 

It is interesting to view the many Tongan wedding videos, and see how highly they respect marriage. There are many prayers and hymns and scripture readings at these events, and they have a great time celebrating.

a American young man who lived in Tonga explains more about their respect for women.

It is good that they value their women, for women do their part to keep the family going. Both the woman in the first film, and the young man in the second video talk about the importance of the family and the home. Their love for their parents and siblings is an advantage to any country they are in.


carol said...

I think I shall move to Tonga! It's life as it should be.

Unknown said...

Lydia, where is the video?

magnoliasntea said...

This is a lovely article, and I agree wholeheartedly - the way we dress is very important. And I would like to just say, Thank you for sharing your thoughts here. Your blog is always a happy and safe (from worldly vulgarities) place to read and enjoy the cyber company of Christian ladies.

Lydia said...

I highlighted the words "in this video" because the vidoes would not embed on the page. You have to click the highlighted words and go to youtube.