Tuesday, November 06, 2018

Light Post

Garden Light Post by Perl Photography

Good Morning,

After posting maps and canals and other geography yesterday,  I thought I would go light today with some tidbits of home.

Mr. S. does not stand still long enough for a good photo, but I was able to stop him in the middle of his work for a fashion pose. Mr. S. is the model of fashion for men over 70. I did not have a hat for this outfit but he has a new shovel to go with! It is like my matching umbrellas.

 In true gentlenan-farmer form, the new shovel still has the tag on it. I must extol the virtues of this shovel, in another post. It needs a good review and we are liking it more than any other shovel.

He is the vinedresser for those grapes behind him.  The leaves match his yellow plaid shirt.

He has been digging in the garden to get it ready for the coming rain and cool temperature.

There will be another picture here soon of a tow path we drove by recently. I wrote about tow paths a year ago. Well, there are some around here but not being used anymore.


amulbunny's random thoughts said...

Stan looks snappy! Love the yellow plaid shirt.
Our grapevine hasn't turned color yet, I doubt if it will. This year the birds didn't decimate the grapes either. So we're walking on squashed ones on the sidewalk.
More wind and low humidity coming. I'm looking forward to much cooler weather in the midwest for our visit.

Polly said...

I think he looks quite dapper and I love matching the garden tools to the outfit! I'll have to remember that for my husband...;)

Unknown said...

Yes indeed...Stanley looks very happy and dapper.

PeacockMan said...

We actually have a small grape vine as well. Our rabbits hide under it when they don't want to be caught. We are digging (no pun intended) Mr. S's modeling. He is showing what a natural he is at it with good direction from the photographer. Next thing we know he will have his own accessories matching like your trademark teacups!(my wife added)

She saved your article from yesterday for the kids study today. I look forward to learning something new. Please allow me to encourage you to do more videos. I have heard it said when one uses the senses you retain more. The more senses you use, the more it is retained. Which of course builds upon scripture of line upon line, precept upon precept for any merited scholarly leaning.

Linda said...

Mr.S looks very nice, very dressed up for gardening.:)
Your property always looks very well cared for.

Feminine Belle said...

I observe Mr. S takes his initial influence from the infamous Minnie Pearl, complete with tag. ;-)

Makes me want to break out in the main theme song.

vintage ellen said...

You and your husband are quite the fashionable pair! I love plaid for fall and winter. I just bought one of the Tru and Time dresses from Walmart in a red and black buffalo check (kind of plaid-y) on sale for $5.00. Hope they have more of this kind of dress. Perhaps you could get a neighbor to take a picture of the you and your husband out for an afternoon stroll among the leaves.

Lydia said...

Once when my son planted a huge garden, I made the unfortunate remark that I saw a cute cottontail rabbit in the garden. He said, "Mom, one thing you need to get straight: when you have worked as hard as I have to put in a garden, there is no such thing as a "cute" rabbit."
He suggested I include the rabbit with the vegetables in ......I just don't want to say it. I can't say it...you know what I mean.