Thursday, November 01, 2018

Tea Today

 Hello Ladies,

Please be sure to click the picture for a larger view of my new teacup! It is not like the usual kind I buy, but it has a very interesting print.

The Ladies Bible Class attendees prefer to come to The Manse for the weekly tea and Bible study, instead of the classrooms over at the meeting house. It is really too expensive to heat up or cool a classroom or even the kitchen over there across the field, so we are doing ourselves a favor by having it in my home.

Here are a few photos showing the preparations. I don't have all the food out yet:

I was browsing around in Home Goods (TJ Maxx) while Mr. S. was doing some business in the area, and found these tea cups for $4.50. There are not many ladies coming today and I thought  maybe they would delight in new teacups These can go in the dishwasher too, as  they aren't antiques.  They look like something from the exotic Middle East, don't they--Turkey or somewhere. 

The teapot also was there and it had matching teacups but were more expensive and not as pretty, and these were more colorful.

The candle I'm burning came in a cute miniature canning jar and cost $1.00 at Dollar Tree, and has the delightful scent of Autumn Apricot.

I have it out just for the picture, but normally I would place it in an unbreakable bowl, for safety.

Walmart had these porcelain pumpkin containers for about $2.38  and I have the pumpkin bread inside this one for the tea time. I used Roxy's recipe, which is no-fail, guarantee!

This year I grew my own pumpkins and this is what came out of the garden. I was not sure what they were but they sure make a nice display, and the white ones are very sweet when used in recipes.

A reminder if you are using those melts to give your house a scent, to place the burner in a bowl,  up high out of reach of children, for safety, in case the wax melts sputter, and of course we need to be careful of flames. I rarely light candles because all I have to do is open the jar and let the scent waft around. 

Another view of my pumpkins. Its no nice not to have to buy them. 

After class and tea, this is another dreaded job day, as I did not do it yesterday. I wonder how long this can go on. I hope I don't go missing in the laundry room or in some other piled up dreaded job area.  I should remember to take my cell phone with me, and hopefully not let it get buried in a pile of things.  Whatever the case, it is good to be here and have another day at home, keeping house,  to appreciate.

Ann Bowen (amulbunny)  in the San Diego area:  My ipad doesn't work anymore and your address was on it, so I can't email you. Would you please email me so I can get the address added to my computer?  Thanks 


Lydia said...

Thanks so much; I'm going to find that book!!

Feminine Belle said...

Would you mind sharing the name of this book, please?