Thursday, July 11, 2019

Homemaker Support: The First Lady of the Home!

Hello Ladies, after a 9 day absence, while I attempted to organize my notes and get smarter, (which I never accomplished) I am back with a talk about the home. This video is designed to keep you company while you do something at home.

In a few days I’ll be transferring to a different computer that has a functioning keyboard. If you thought the letter “ e” was the most used letter of the English language, try doing without the letter “n”. I get very creative looking for substitutes for words like “comments “ and word endings of “ing.”

I am using my phone right now but it is not as convenient to blog with.

The purple thing is a clay rose necklace that matches my dress,  made by one of my grandchildren and has a white stretch string.

This video has some ideas to hear while you work. Please leave a remark to share what all you did while it played.

Here are the products I used for my face today. For a moisturizer I used a Vit. E capsule mixed with a drop of Grapeseed oil.

I made a powder also, from rice flour & cocoa powder to give a soft coverage over it all. It sure had a nice scent but it made me hungry!

Wet & Wild  Rose Ivory

Megalast Violet 

Rosewater setspray

All a dollar each at Dollar Tree; slightly higher at Walmart or other stores.


King's Daughter said...

Dear Lydia,

Thank you so much for doing these videos.

I am new here...just a couple weeks...but I have already looked through much of your blog...and like it. You are so encouraging and positive Lydia. Thank you for supporting us who have a vision for the home.

God bless you!

...and keep it up.

I shall try to "talk" with you more sometime.

larissa said...

You look so pretty, as always!

Lydia said...

Thank you ladies and dear friends.

Mrs Honeybee said...

I do so appreciate having a gracious and more experienced mentor such as you, Lydia, one who has gone down the good path and is now guiding others like me to continue steadfastly on our walk. Your lovely voice and cheerful demeanour brightens my day as a busy full-time homemaker. Thank you.

Christine said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, all your videos!
Makes my chores go quickly and I feel like I'm working with a friend.

Feminine Belle said...

I remembering reading years back from a teen which stated," Leave people in better shape than you found them." What I did not realize was he was spreading positivity in a world of Gloomy Gus's. I took to heart what he said and never forgotten it. In fact he would ask others to sign a petition which they (your chose) to stop cursing.

Different ages can inspire us and give knowledge.

You inspire others to raise themselves up to be the finer person always meant to be.

Our standards are raised as you speak,
visuals are presented to glorify God, and
listening which goes in the ear and
into the heart which feeds the soul.

God bless you, Lydia as you are such an inspiration to me and others.