Sunday, August 11, 2019

Homemaker Support: Listen While You Do Something

A week has transpired since I last spoke to you on video. The video is not very long this time; only 26 minutes, but I hope you can still do something with that time to help your home function well.

We are having stormy weather, and I tried to relate the importance of using those dark days of  inclement weather for something good.

Today I broadcast from this truck, which I created into a vacation retreat. We are so busy, I don't see any chance of getting away very soon, so I made myself a little resort here. Some friends came over and had lunch with me there! It took me several days to clean the truck and get it set up. I put everything in from the sides, as the furniture is all lightweight and waterproof. 

It is a perfect getaway for rest and relaxation because there are no distractions.  

Below is a picture of the weather-proof settee and weather resistant cushions where I was located while I was speaking to you.

I very much value your comments so please be generous and leave a lot of them!


Unknown said...

Very nice truck idea.

ann said...

thank you for this video. I listened to it while I ate my lunch and inspired me to keep working on all the things I have to accomplish. I was getting a little overwhelmed and this was what i needed to hear. Just like having a chat with a friend. Thank you . Ann

Feminine Belle said...

An old preacher one time stated, "More is caught than taught." How true. What we do at home has an infinity hold on those around us.

You and I cooked Walnut Buttermilk pancakes this morning and I fixed my husband his lunch so he could be whisked out the door heading to work.

I found it so interesting that you spoke about cleaning up certain areas as I am currently doing summer detail cleaning of each room. Though I was interrupted yesterday doing the kitchen, by helping our 13 year old clean the bunny pen, showing him details of taking all things out, seeing a clean pattern as we went, even took mats out to clean the flooring under them, and even taking a few mats out for some extra scrubbing, he seemed rather pleased once we put it all back and had new bedding for them one of them actually tried to return back *home* as we were finishing up. Even our rabbits want to stay home. ;-)

I look forward to more outside talks and the truck deco turned out great! Like the flowers for the entrance! Very welcoming! Keep going!!!

Lydia said...

Glad you all are able to get some things accomplished!

clw said...

Creative and lovely! : ) Interesting and enjoyable!

Paula K. said...

I love your "truck oasis". What a cute idea!

Lydia said...

Thanks you all! Im thinking of some new quotes for that chalkboard when I move it to another location around here. There are some other locations that might work and be easier to get into without steps!

Christine said...

Sometimes, I'm surprised by the resourcefulness of others. This "vacation retreat" is perfect.
I'd love to spend time on it, basking in the sun, reading of listening to one of your videos!

Mountain Housewife said...

I enjoyed this video much wisdom. I love that you brought out that the common mindset is that we have to be motivated to get started doing something. Not true. Just show up and you will be energized. What did I do? I got supper on the stove....fried corn and fresh green beans. I'll serve them with ham and garden tomatoes. Love, Amy Laurie

Adelaide said...

Wow - that truck vacation spot is creative and luxurious.
I scrubbed the kitchen floor while I listened to you. It looks so nice now. I get migraines in the spring/summer/fall and find it hard to be motivated, your videos cheer me up, take my mind off it and get me accomplishing things (like women of times past)!

Laura Jeanne said...

What you did with that old truck is so neat! It looks lovely. You are amazingly creative, Lydia. I listened to this talk today while I was working on compiling a list of all of our family's Internet usernames and passwords. I've barely gotten started - it's a big job!

Lydia said...

From a viewer:

"“I’m wearing dark plum frost...I don’t know...maybe it will just make you happy.”

Lydia, you DO make me happy! You made me laugh out loud the way you said that. I totally get what you mean about little rewards as we go along in our housework. I really agree that we do something and then we feel like doing it/good about it AFTER we get going. We can’t wait around until we feel like doing our work. You make many excellent points. Please keep talking to me!

Thanks for keeping me company.

I hung up damp laundry to dry and started a load of laundry. Next up: the schoolroom. So much organizing to do. "


Lydia said...

Melissa, people always ask why you do things, say things, live the way you do. There are a variety of answers: Because I like it.
Life is Short
It makes me happy.
I'm doing it for you.
I'm trying to Make my country nice.
I thought maybe you'd get a kick out of it

Dianna said...

Your truck is just too adorable! I love your creativity in thinking of it, and your perseverance in setting it up!

carol said...

I live in what we call generator country so I usually don't have powerin the day time. Today for various reasons we had the power on and I listened to this vlog as I was cutting up a big salad, preparing potatoes and doing dishes. What fun and what a blessing! I loved it and thank you!

Gentle Mama said...

I love your truck retreat. Very creative.

Feminine Belle said...


That should be use your new tag line "Because I like It"

Perhaps give us some points about where you draw inspiration from your fun ideas.

Lydia said...

Great idea and thanks for reminding me to talk about my enjoyment days.

Lisa said...

Like Melissa, I laughed out loud when you shared your lip color and chose it because “...I don’t know...maybe it will just make you happy!”😊
I love your truck retreat and look forward to seeing the others that you mentioned. You helped me to harvest and prune a portion of the lavender bush on a cloudy, and refreshingly cool, afternoon.
Lisa in CO

Kevyn Webber said...

Thank you so much for these videos, and your blog! God is using you in my life so much! Today I have already folded a load of towels, unloaded and loaded the dishwasher, and cleaned out our pantry. I am going to start making bread next! Also, I am started my journey with sewing and I have a pattern for a dress and you have inspired me to start working on it! Thank you so much ma'am again! I hope all is well, God bless 💕

Lydia said...

Hello Karen, be sure and click on the heading here at this blog and notice I have posted a new video!! Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment. It helps me to continue the videos especially when I know what all you did. Its amazing you got so many things accomplished and I know when I am listening to something, the work goes faster and I don't get so tired.