Sunday, August 18, 2019

Bright Spot

MUNKÁCSY, Mihály Hungarian Realist (1844-1900)_Woman Arranging Flowers between 1881 and 1882

The Rose of All Roses (by Wilhelm Menzler


Today I  am sharing a flower arrangement, and to go with the theme,  I found 19th century art of ladies arranging flowers.

Occasionally I see a beautiful floral arrangement in a pedestal bowl of crystal or silver, or milk glass, and wonder how I could have one without spending too much, and perhaps give it away or use it as a centerpiece for one of the Ladies Bible Classes.  Our ladies all have lovely flower gardens from their country estates, and so we have fresh flowers at the table, but I thought it would be fun to make one of these pedestal bowls and an arrangement.

These two plastic bowls are from the wedding section of Dollar Tree.  I like the lightweight aspect and also that they are disposable so I haven't made anything permanent and I can recycle the project. 

I used the white Rustoleum spray paint with primer that sticks to plastic, and hot glued the two bowls together, using the smaller one to make a pedestal. 

The florals and styrofoam are also from Dollar Tree for approximately $2.00

On Pinterest, type in "Floral Arrangements in Pedestal Bowls" or "Floral Arrangements in bowls" and see what you get.

Now there is a bright spot on a table that, before, made me yawn every time I walked past it ;-)

I tied a strip of metallic ribbon around the neck of it; also from Dollar Tree.

Although I appreciate seasonal colors, I always try to incorporate the colors in the room, so the bouquet is part of the decor. I like those pale peach mums (chrysanthemums) from Dollar Tree. Each floral bunch usually has 6 blossoms.


clw said...

Very lovely! It's amazing how good that spray works!

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WOW! that is truly lovely!

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Beautiful your so creative 💗