Friday, August 16, 2019

A Little Recreation for the Home

As the evenings are still very light here, all I need sometimes is a led-lite to brighten a hall, corner or a little bathroom.

 I often see this candle on Victorian Trading Co. (candle not included)
which was recently reduced
 in price from $30 to about $15,
but postage would be added, which would make the expense higher.

I  decided to try my hand at creating a similar one, and although it isn't the same (I'd like to see the original), I'm happy with the results.
The glass vase and the candle holder, above, are from Dollar Tree, for a total of $2.00

I also got the led-lite pillar candle for a dollar, and the rest is made from things around my craft room: white paint, lace cut from a worn out old skirt, glued on with decoupage glue (also from Dollar Tree which I had on hand from a previous project) and gorilla glue to attach the vase to the stem. I would not recommend gorilla glue--use some E-6000 or hot glue instead, if you attempt this. Gorilla glue leaves industrial style thick dried yellow residue on it. 

I did not know it was possible to paint those clear glass candle holders white to make it look like milk glass, until I tried it today.  I used Rustoleum white gloss with primer. You can get this at Hobby Lobby or your local farm hardware store. Use flat paint  if you want more of a chalk paint look. I like the shiny look because it has the appearance of milk glass, which is rare to find.

One day every couple of weeks I try to do something creative. Last week it was the old truck and today the candle was all I could manage.  I like the way it looks in front of the dining window and it makes me feel like I got something high-end. 

I would estimate the cost to be approximately $3.50 if you want to include the minutest amount of glue, paint and old lace.

I like the way it looks in the dining window as the evening approaches.
The led-lite pillar just happens to give off a pink glow which goes quite nicely with the mauve curtain and other things around here.

 That is one of my MIL's doilies her sister made for her. I figure it is better to use them rather than keeping them in a box.

It is best to use led lite candles in these types of containers, because they are difficult to clean when you get wax in them.

  I notice the original from Victorian Trading has a taller candle pedestal, which you might find at Goodwill. Dollar Tree only has these short ones.

Here is  similar one made with a small crackled-look  jar from Dollar Tree glued to the candle holder, which makes an elegant pedestal candle light:

Please tell me how you like this one.
 Mirage (brand) led-lites look like real wax candles and glow just as well.


lynn maust said...

well done, Lydia...pretty

A. Law said...

Very pretty, Lydia!
I enjoy your blog so what you did with the old truck.
It's always good to see others create things and make 'fun places' for the family (and company that may come) to enjoy.
We don't need to spend lots of money to do this.
I enjoy the videos a lot....the other day while listening to one, I hemmed a pair of suit pants for my Grandson.
Thanks again.
Aline L.

Feminine Belle said...

I would say that you made it better than what was for sale. I appreciate the extra lace on it. Very womanly.

Laura Jeanne said...

Your creativity is inspiring to all of us. :)

Lydia said...

Copy the sign for yourself, using poster board, chalk board, or Judy paper and a frame. Use your printer!

Homemaker's Heart said...

Wow Lydia, this is beautiful. You are very creative. And thanks for the tip on painting the glass candle holder, I would have never guessed you could.

It is a lovely touch to any room you put it in.

Dianna said...

Both candle holders are lovely! Thank you for reminding me how easy and satisfying it can be to save a few dollars.

living from glory to glory said...

Good Morning Ludia, I love this idea!! I will be looking for a few items to make myself one, especially like the milk glass idea! Very cleaver :)
Hugs, Roxy