Friday, August 16, 2019

"Delight-Living" at Home

As I go about routine jobs I have to remind myself to look for something else, something beyond it all, which gives more heart and meaning and enthusiasm for the tasks at hand. 

This, above, is particularly enjoyable: to see that blue sky with the  tree limbs outlined, as I pin up my laundry to get a good sun-starch! I am never fast enough to catch that bunny with the camera as he hops away with his big white fluffy tail up, like the white tailed deer.

I’m enjoying the dusty view from the front window of The Manse:

The scenery looks like a patina-treated painting.

And oh, I walked around Hob-Lob while Mr. S. did some errands in the city, and ...

they sure know how to tug at my emotions:

Old trucks are very sentimental here in the US and Canada and we keep them around just for memory sake!

I wanted to take all the truck paintings and metal truck wall decor home with me!

The paintings of the old trucks are better than chocolate, I tell ya! Some of these are printed on wood and boards--what a great idea that goes with the whole truck culture.

Want to know how to actually get an old truck?  Have a 16 year old son that buys his first truck that is already so worn out,  it won't last much longer. When it breaks down after a few years, there you have it, as a prop.

In the last few years, the big trend with young people was to have an OLD truck, not a new one. They wanted their grandpa's truck or something very old with a lot of dings and scratches on it.  I have lost count of the YOUNG men , teen aged and a little older, who have come to the door asking to buy that old truck in my back field, even though it doesn't work. They want an old one. Car companies take note!  I'm sure you can create old farm truck replicas.

 Just had to take a picture of this sign for Mr. S. because WD-40 and duct tape are his favorite tools.

It is rare to get a photo of the sun RISE because I'm usually getting dressed and cooking breakfast, but I did get one yesterday!

Finally, this at HL is a motto I tried to bring my children up with and practice it myself because I wanted them to look forward to how they could do well in life. We tried to build each other up, move forward, not label each other, not dwell on wounds, and spend time to develop our talents and skills.

Hoping to get another vid out soon!

Love you!



lynn maust said...

that last sign is great....good reminders.

Feminine Belle said...

Love you, too!
Ya to another video!

Laura Jeanne said...

That last sign brings tears to my eyes! I wonder if I could get a sign like that in Canada somewhere?

I had to laugh at your advice about how to get an old truck. My older son is currently 14 and he's already saving up for his first truck, so perhaps that will work out nicely in the future. :)

Lydia said...

Copy the sign for yourself, using poster board, chalk board, or Art paper and a frame. Use your printer!

Homemaker's Heart said...

Thank you for this lovely post. I giggled at the duck tape and WD 40 one.

Your sunrise is beautiful. I heard years ago a quote "sunrise is heaven's gate a jar".

Love that especially with all the colors.

Lisa said...

That “prayer” is going on my pantry door chalkboard TODAY. It was very timely as I’ve been struggling with some hurt feelings received from a loved one.
❤️ Lisa in CO

Emmarinda said...

The clothesline picture is so pretty. Love the colors!