Monday, September 09, 2019

Homemaker Support: Listen As You Go--Choosing Cheerful Clothing, Cleaning a Child's Bedroom, Speaking Clearly, Being Polite

 These are the Sweet Peas I showed in the video and this is the sweet pea teacup that goes with it:

Dear Ladies,

I am not happy with the glare of the  back light in this video but you do not have to watch it; it is made for listening!  I did not want to speak it all over again so it will have to do. I hope to do better in the next one. 

In this video I discuss preparation for your homemaking day, and stress the importance of dressing to improve your mood, or to go with the type of day it is.  I also talk about cleaning a child's room, and teaching children to avoid monotone.

You will love the part I read from Christians on the Oregon Trail, where a group of travelers told the wagon master not to shove Christianity down their throats!  Also, the "left behind" story will make you cringe, as it has happened to so many of us! But I show how few mishaps these pioneers had, arriving safely and on time, with provisions left over, by being honoring and careful during the journey and not trying to find shortcuts.

These are the new pink boots I just bought---thanks to some of your donations.  They are very well made and I like that they are stitched at the sole rather than glued. Ross, a discount store like T.J. Maxx, or Marshalls, had them for about $15.00 and they are by a brand called Guess. Guess I never thought I'd wear Guess but with a price and quality like that, I'm game for Guess.

Here are some pictures of the 1980's Laura Ashley Patterns. One of them is actually by a company called Lanz. I mentioned in the video that I miss some of the large Battenburg collars of the dresses of that era.

These dresses were casual enough for the home but you could go out on a moment's notice and they were dignified and pretty.

Basically they were a skirt and a blouse sewn together, and were MUCH better than the 1950's "house dress".

This was made of cotton calico, a rather homespun type of fabric, and though the garment looks very dressy, it was a dream to wear at home; so comfortable you felt totally natural wearing it.  I'm always on the lookout for this pattern.


Marqueta (Mar-kee-ta) G. said...

Dear Lydia,
Thank you for the latest video; I listened while painting shelf boards and part of the wall in our kitchen!
Your sweet pea tea cup is so pretty!

Lydia said...

Thanks Marqueta!

Emmarinda said...

I do regret getting rid of these type of dresses from the 90's. What was I thinking?

Lydia said...

Emmarinda, me too! I had a lot of them that were very similar to the style, from Walmart. I wish I had saved them!

sharon said...

This post was very inspiring. Thank you for all of homemaking encouragement you give!

lynn maust said...

What a great price for your new boots...and they are very pretty!

Feminine Belle said...

Lydia and pink.... I am going to die of not surprise. ;-)

Songsparrowgarden said...

Dear Lydia. . Another completely sensible post. . I love that about you!! I agree with all you say - - and the part about enjoying your home so much you never want to leave it - - eat at home, celebrate at home - - I agree absolutely!!!

I'm a product of the 50's too and it was very different. So glad I grew up then. I've learned so much. You are so lucky you also have a superbly sensible husband. I wrongly assumed everyone would be the same - - Sensible. Found out quickly how wrong I was; especially today!

Marianne said...

Lydia, as usual I enjoyed your video so very much. I made the beds, started some laundry and straightened up while listening and the time flew by.
The stories of the settlers and your husband's grandmother brought back such memories... my grands were born in 1887 and 1895 and how i loved to hear their stories of growing up with horse and buggy, etc,. The older one especially liked to tell me about their first lightbulbs, telephone, car, airplane, etc! What a remarkable time to live. I miss those elegant ladies !
Thank you for taking the time to do the videos. They make my day.

Lydia said...

Good--these are the lists I want to know about. I like that time flies when I'm listening to something I don't have to watch.

Times are great these days too.. we had to put up with a lot of inconveniences in past times. I'm enjoying this present era very much.

susie @ persimmon moon cottage said...

I have always really liked the dresses where the waist is sewn into a downward pointed "v", it looks so feminine, and I think it is slenderizing, too. I still have some dresses from the 1990's styles that I thought had so many nice details, and normal sleeves, and flattering lengths. I never got rid of them, but they are stored away, and I know they would no longer fit me. One of my favorite dresses was a pretty print that had a feature to lace it up with same fabric ties that laced up in back to make it fit one's body really well, not too loose, not too tight. Unimaginable details that one would never see in dresses or blouses in stores today. I miss all of the pretty details that dresses and blouses today don't have, I don't consider things like cold shoulder sleeves a pretty detail. They have always looked cheap to me, but that is just my opinion.