Friday, September 06, 2019

Listen While You Work!

Hello Ladies,

I hope you have a wonderful, glorious day at home getting all those things in order that make home a pleasant and worthwhile place to be!

The sun was sinking fast while I was broadcasting outside and at the very end of this video you can see the traffic lights (its a real traffic jam when there are more than two cars on the road)  on the edge of the land.  I wanted you to see more of my surroundings and the land here in one part of Oregon. Those are the coastal ranges in the background of the photo. 

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Featured Teacup:

This is the fabric I'm wearing in the video:

 100% cotton print fabric 

This is the Ethel Cotton Course in Conversation from 1962 (London, England) that I mentioned in the video:

The boxed set includes these titles:

1. Guiding Conversation
2. Getting Acquainted
3. Overcoming Irritation
4.Too Tired to Talk
5. Humor in Conversation
6. Complexes
7. Discussing Books and Plays
8. Colorful Descriptions
9. Home Conversation
10. Brief Conversations
11. Long Conversation
12. Carrying on the Adventure

Going to get new boots soon but its hard to let go when they become so worn and comfortable ;-) These have protected my feet indoors and outside.

Here is the post on Cynicism that I spoke of in the video.

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Christine said...

Love Love Love your videos!
It was very informational and fun to watch the sun going down.

Feminine Belle said...

Cuing up for tomorrow's cornbread and milk morning! :-)

Feminine Belle said...

Ah and goooooood morning!

An outside appearance for a different talk! Nice...

Mentioning the *old days* then speaking about the 80's. ( no Lydia!) ;-)

The long tops you spoke of. Did you mean tunics? That's not a bad idea!

Listening to Lydia sigh when she says CLUTTER..... priceless. (sorry, I laughed)

Funny enough, I can not and I mean CAN NOT bake, or cook unless I have my kitchen clean before beginning. (my turn to sigh) Pots, pans, sink full of dishes, dishes drip drying, etc. Nope, just not going to happen!

Getting grunge off.... in a small bottle kept in the kitchen, 1/2 cup vinegar, 1/2 cup of dawn, pour into bottle. Swish, don't shake. Spray on, leave for a small piece of time, then one can scrub and it will cut through most grease. (it will be soapy), but once done, your *i own a gas stove* stove it will squeak when you run your finger through it.) Cuts through anything! THAT is what I call clean!

What I did in 20 minutes:

Fixed prepped cornbread and set it aside, preheated oven, get husband's lunch ready, look over fridge I cleaned two days ago, look at menu for dinner, set out his tray for breakfast, (yes he has had breakfast in bed for 30 years now...giggle),listen to story of your friend that kept a neat home, grabbed evaporated milk from second pantry ( hubby made it for me inside an old coat closet along with working light!!), look over my very pretty front room, turn another lamp on, washed out cornmeal bowl and was just getting ready to run some hot soapy water in the sink.... oven going off for cornbread. THERE! That is what I did in 20 minutes. The end. ;-)

The gracious understanding of another person by putting oneself in their shoes, leaving comments on their nature undamaged.

Toni Marie said...

Thank you for the cleaning recipe. I'm trying it out today.
Lydia, I am enjoying your videos very much, and I get a lot done while listening!

Laura Jeanne said...

I just listened to this older talk today. The kids went out go-carting with their dad, and I have about two hours of free time, so I'm cleaning like mad.

I put my old cell phone in my sweater pocket so I could hear you wherever I went in the house!

I really enjoy all the advice you are sharing from the course on conversation. These things are so good to know. When you mentioned how we shouldn't talk about our intense dislikes, I was reminded of a time I was at a wedding shower as a teenager. The bride to be, upon being handed another gift, exclaimed "I hope these aren't yellow towels - I HATE yellow!" The person standing next to me said "I sure hope it ISN'T yellow towels in that box," and I realized how awful it would be if it were, after the bride to be had made such an exclamation. I realized then that making intense statements of dislike like she did, can cause all kinds of social awkwardness and is best avoided entirely.

Jenni said...

I quite enjoyed your video! I cleaned my kitchen and started dinner while watching. It's hard to find friends that take homemaking seriously, thank you for encouraging me by talking through some basics in video!